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December 2017

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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Peterson Offers Two New Chippers

Peterson Pacific Corp. has introduced two products—an electric delimber debarker disc chipper and a drum chipper.

 The 5050H stationary, electric delimber debarker disc chipper processes whole trees in one continuous operation.

Equipped with a large feed throat, the 5050H can accept up to a 23 in. (56 cm) diameter single tree or multiple smaller stems. It can be configured with a three or four pocket disc, with several optional sheave sizes to make precisely the chip you need.

The standard three-pocket disc produces chips from 5⁄8 to 11⁄4 in. (16–32 mm) long, while the optional four-pocket disc produces chips from 1⁄2 to 1 in. (13–25 mm) long. Chipping production rates up to 150 tons (136 tonnes) per hour can be achieved depending on chip size and wood characteristics.

Peterson’s heavy-duty 66 in. diameter, 43⁄4 in. thick (168 x12 cm) chipper disc has replaceable ½ in. (13 mm) wear plates.

Traditional babbitt-type knives or Key Knife components are available.

The stationary 5050H can be configured from 600 to 1000 HP (447–745 kW) at the disc depending on the needs of your application. An additional 600 HP (447 kW) electric motor powers the needs of the hydraulic system.

l Peterson also now offers the 6310B drum chipper, which is suited for high volume biomass producers who have a variety of feed material, from logs up to 36 in. (91 cm) in diameter, to brush and small feedstock.

The 6310B drum chipper is powered by a 1050 HP (772 kW) C27 Caterpillar engine, and has an optional Tier IV engine available.

At 86,000 lbs. (39,010 kg), the track mounted 6310B was designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs.

The 6310B has two drum configurations, an eight-pocket drum to make standard biomass chips, or a 16-pocket drum to make microchips. An optional grate system has been redesigned to allow for adjustment from a microchip to a 11⁄4 in. chip with the same grates.

Traditional Babbitt type knife systems are standard equipment, or an optional Key Knife system is available.

Peterson’s chip accelerator system adds load density or throws chips well away from the machine for land clearing operations.

The chipper utilizes a 50 in. (127 cm) diameter by 60 in. (152 cm) wide drum. Other key features include a sloped feed deck for the ease of feeding and wear resistant AR400 wear surfaces on the drum pockets and shell. The feed chain has been upgraded to WDH120 for improved strength and long life. Visit

Rotochopper Hosts 7th Annual Demo Day

About 120 customers and prospects from the U.S. and Canada attended Rotochopper, Inc.’s 7th annual Demo Day in St. Martin, Minn. on September 21. The theme of the event was “See Red Go Green.”

The day began with tours of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, providing attendees the opportunity to see Rotochopper grinders in every stage of manufacture, from cutting to final inspection and testing. The facility tours also provided guests the opportunity to meet the teams who design, build and support their Rotochopper equipment.

President/CEO Art de St. Aubin welcomed attendees with remarks focused on the partnership Rotochopper forms with its customers and discussed the initiatives the company is undertaking to further support those partnerships. “Our long-term partnerships with customers are driven by Rotochopper’s core values: loyalty, commitment, service, pride and community. We will continue to position ourselves to help your businesses succeed and differentiate ourselves from our competitors,” he said.

The demonstrations started with the unveiling of Rotochopper’s prototype heavy duty B-66 track and dolly unit, with a 1050 HP engine and upgraded infeed features enabling it to devour logs and whole trees. Also, the 765 and 950 HP B-66, FP-66, MC-266 and MP-2 demonstrated converting raw materials into finished products throughout the day.

Rotochopper customer service unveiled the new RotoLink system, which allows customers to connect with their machines and Rotochopper customer service to troubleshoot and track machine performance in real-time.

“For owners, this means more uptime and predictive maintenance by allowing them to monitor critical machine parts like the engine and rotor,” says Doug Meyer, Director of Customer Service. RotoLink is available for both diesel and electric horizontal grinders.

The newly redesigned 24 tooth replaceable mount rotor with increased impact resistance and reduced side load during operation was on display.

The day ended with a side by side demonstration of a B-66 and an FP-66 equipped with Rotochopper’s Generation 2 Colorizer.

RecuDry Works For Austria Plant

What can be done when the thermal energy produced on-site does not suffice anymore for covering peak load operation? Last year, this turned into a vital question at Hasslacher Preding Holzindustrie in Austria.

Especially in the high-consumption months during the fall and winter season, the company’s pellets production had to be reduced repeatedly in favor of timber drying. The people in charge at Hasslacher Preding were quick to dismiss an investment to expand their energy production. They instead focused on uncovering optimization potential in their existing setup. After some initial talks, it became clear that the belt dryer offered suitable options for optimization.

“Especially in the winter we did not have sufficient thermal energy at our disposal,” comments Thomas Bierbacher, pellets divisional manager at Hasslacher Norica Timber. The solution they found was the heat recovery system called RecuDry by Stela Laxhuber, Massing, Germany. It had been Stela who had already installed the original belt dryer at Hasslacher in 2006. Now the time had come to modify it for improving energy efficiency.

Hasslacher is particularly satisfied with the fast implementation. “We signed the contract at the timber fair in September 2016. By December 12 the reconstruction work commenced. Exactly one month later, we put the system into operation,” recalls Manfred Steinwiedder, manager at Hasslacher Preding. He says the system virtually operated at the push of a button and at the output level that was promised.

In other words, Stela was able to implement the project within four months and upgrade the existing belt dryer to a BTU RecuDry 1/6200-25.5. In order to do so, the dryer was extended by 3 m and its ventilators were replaced by more efficient models.

For a RecuDry system, they divide the conventional belt dryer into two segments: the condensation module at the front and the Recu module at the rear end. Tobias Latein, Head of Sales at Stela, explains: “Ventilators supply the existing warm air that has already passed over the chip mats via the condensation system where the heat is dispersed to the module. The generated heat in turn warms up the fresh air in the condensation module. This way, the still utilizable exhaust air is kept from escaping into the atmosphere and can be put to good use for chip drying.”

 At the successful operation startup last January, the average temperature in Preding was -5.7°C.

“Our energy savings amount to around 30% in the summer and reach even 40% in the winter,” Latein affirms. Hasslacher chose to have the RecuDry standard model installed, but Stela also offers higher configuration levels. Depending on the model and the heat available, Stela promises a possible amortization rate of less than two years.

Article and photo supplied by Stela Laxhuber.

Coastal Machinery Joins Bandit Dealer Network

Bandit Industries announced that Coastal Machinery Co. has joined Bandit’s network of dealers, serving Bandit customers in Florida’s panhandle and southern Alabama.

The dealership, located at 6701 Mobile Hwy in Pensacola, will offer Bandit’s complete lineup of hand-fed chippers and stump grinders, including the new Intimidator 15XPC and Intimidator 18XPC, as well as the new Model ZT1844 compact track stump grinder.

“Coastal Machinery Co., is a full-service dealership, offering sales, parts and service,” said Bandit Sales Manager Jason Morey. “They are a known and respected dealer in their area and are an awesome addition to Bandit’s dealer network.”

Coastal Machinery has been recognized by Case, Kubota and Doosan on numerous occasions as one of their outstanding dealers in North America. The company has grown consistently over the last 20 years.

Visit or call 1-850-944-2002.

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