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October 2017

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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Bandit Dealer Adds Two Northeast States

Anderson Equipment Co., Bandit Industries’ authorized dealer for whole tree chippers and The Beast horizontal grinders, is expanding its dealer territory into New York and Pennsylvania. With this expansion, Anderson Equipment will serve customers in five states in the Eastern U.S.: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Anderson Equipment, Co. as an authorized Bandit dealer, so we are thrilled they’ve agreed to expand their territory,” says Bandit Sales Manager Jason Morey.


Company Wrench Joins Bandit Network

Ohio-based Company Wrench Ltd. joins Bandit Industries’ growing network of large equipment dealers, offering sales, service and parts for Bandit whole tree chippers and The Beast horizontal grinders.

Company Wrench Ltd. focuses on the manufacturing, sales, rentals, parts and service of scrap, demolition, and construction equipment with branches in Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.


West Salem Offers Vertical Feed Grinders

WSM Vertical Feed Grinders offer a simple yet highly effective design to process a wide range of feedstock at rates up to 150 tons per hour. These rugged grinders feature a heavy duty rotor with innovative disc and hammer configuration. The optional pivot housing provides easy access to main wear components with all infeed components remaining in place.

If you are looking for a turnkey system, WSM’s complete Biomass Feedstock Processing Systems include bulk feeders, pre-screening and cleaning for low cost processing with reduced grinder wear and increased throughput.


VETS Group Named Distributor For Flamex

Flamex Inc. announced a new partnership with The VETS Group for the sales and distribution of the Flamex Spark Detection and Extinguishing System in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“We are very proud and excited to work with The VETS Group in preventing dust fires and explosions in our customer’s facilities in Western Canada,” comments Allen Wagoner of Flamex. “VETS is a highly reputable and growing organization that provides quality products and services within our primary markets. Their wide range of capabilities and product offerings make them the perfect partner for Flamex.”

The association with VETS will allow Flamex to better serve customers and more effectively promote a higher level of process safety among industrial facilities that handle combustible dusts throughout the region.

Contact VETS Group, 780-638-1579.

Kice Names Steffens Technical Sales Mgr.

Kice Industries appointed Joe Steffens as Technical Sales Manager, based out of Houston, Tex. Steffens is responsible for the oversight of sales throughout Texas and Louisiana, providing support for this customer base for the diverse product lines offered by Kice.

Steffens is a graduate of The University of Central Florida and has an MBA from Rollins College. Steffens has more than 15 years of successful technical and sales experience, most recently with Endress+Hauser.

“We are excited to welcome Joe to Kice Industries; he will be a great asset for us as we support our customers in Texas and Louisiana,” says Andy Forrester, Director of Sales, Kice Industries. “Joe has a proven track record of delivering customer-focused solutions and technical expertise to customers.”

Klüber Offers New Grease For Bearings

Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, introduces STABUTHERM GH 461 greases for rolling bearings in the wood pellet industry.

STABUTHERM GH 461 features highly effective anti-wear properties and is resistant to oxidation, providing reliable protection against corrosion. With the ever-increasing demands of the wood pellet industry, STABUTHERM GH 461 has ideal high-temperature performance and high load carrying capabilities. Application of STABUTHERM GH 461 can reduce lubricant usage on mills and waste disposal costs due to lower consumption. Klüber Lubrication partners with many key wood pellet mill OEMs to provide high-performing products for the market.

STABUTHERM GH 461 is well suited for use in central lubrication systems. The product has excellent pumpability through long lubricant lines to reduce line blockages. Visit

Oil-Free Lubricant From Sustainalube

Swedish company Sustainalube has patented technology for a new type of environmentally friendly oil-free lubricant. Current users describe this lubricant as a high quality product that is much less time-consuming than traditional oil-based lubricants.

To create the lubricant, Sustainalube combines glycerol with new non-toxic additives. Glycerol is a byproduct from biodiesel production. The lubricant has shown excellent performance in both extremely high and low and high temperatures, as low as -30 °C/-22 °F.

Through a combination of specific additives in accordance with their patent, Sustainalube has been able to create a lubricant that is 100% biodegradable. This means that machines and equipment are maintained in a clean condition for a longer period of time compared to oil-based counterparts.

“What we have done here is to create a win-win offer by understanding what really drives value for our customers,” according to Christian Olsson, Sustainalube CEO.

Tests performed by Swedish forest harvesting companies have given Sustainalube great results. Sustainalube’s research team is currently working on developing new products that will be launched on the market soon. Visit

John King Chains Eyes North America

John King Chains is increasing its focus in the Northern America market. Founded in 1926, the company has enjoyed a long association with the U.S. with its cast link chain production and related products.

“Following Brexit there has been no better time to reinforce the ‘Special Relationship,’ a phrase coined by Winston Churchill in a speech made in 1946 referring to the unparalleled political, diplomatic, military and historical relations between the United Kingdom and the United States, but that also extends to include the cultural, economic and commercial synergy that exists so naturally between our two nations,” comments Oliver Wadsworth, group sales and marketing manager and a fifth generation family member of the company.

Although the company’s origins are in production of cast link chains in irons and steels, it has progressively expanded the product range to encompass chains of other constructions including welded steel chains, engineering class chains, forged fork link chains and engineering plastic (polymer) chains. Today John King Chains reports it offers possibly the widest range of conveyor chains of any producer and “looks forward with relish to increasing our product sales to the North American timber market.”

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