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April 2016

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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Hammermill Screen

Tight spaces can equal large rewards with Acrowood’s Diamond-Roll screen. Recent installations at pellet and board mills have resulted in energy savings and increased capacities. Recent pellet mill installations on both the dry and green side have resulted in increased capacity without the addition of another hog/hammermill. By screening the infeed material just ahead of the hog to remove small material not needing further refinement a greater amount of larger material can be processed.

In most cases there is limited space ahead of the hog/hammermill. The DiamondRoll screen is compact and suited to the tight spaces. The DiamondRoll screen has no dynamic load which means that massive structural support which is needed for vibrating or shaking screens is not required.

The DiamondRoll screen can be easily field adjusted to address changes in screening requirement. Efficiency adjustments can be made on the fly with the use of a VFD. This can be tied to changes in infeed rate or to address changes in infeed quality. The DiamondRoll screens are self-cleaning, eliminating the need for ball decks or periodic cleaning.

At a recent installation a 15 HP DiamondRoll screen is processing 30 green metric tons per hour of sawdust, shavings and chips. In this case the separation is minus 1⁄4 in. mesh (smaller targets are possible). Plus 1⁄4 in. goes to the hammermill and material passing the screen goes directly to the dryer. This installation has been retro-fit into an existing mill where space was at a premium.

The DiamondRoll is a custom screen; length and width can be selected to meet requirements. Visit

Briquetting Presses

With RUF briquetters, you can turn practically any biomass material into easy-to-manage briquettes that can be readily transported and recycled or sold as an economical, environmentally friendly source of fuel. They are clean, affordable and can be used in any wood-burning device from fireplaces and stoves to fire pits. Briquettes will open doors to new markets and growth opportunities for your business, and because they can be made from materials you already process (and then some), it’s simple to get started. Plus, with substantial savings on energy, maintenance and labor, briquettes are cheaper to make per ton than pellets! What are you waiting for?

Sawdust, the byproduct of most woodworking processes, leaves manufacturers and facilities with fine particles of wood everywhere. The sawdust is very flammable and can pose serious health threats when it is inhaled. Add to that the problem of where to store this waste in a manufacturing facility before it is disposed of, and you have a multistep process that can take more time, effort and resources than most manufacturers can invest.

With RUF briquetting presses, your wood waste is compacted to a minimum volume, which makes it easier to handle and dispose of. And because RUF briquettes are formed under high pressure without any artificial binder, they remain a natural product—a high-quality briquette with uniform size, shape and hardness. Visit

Grinder Parts

 As a division of CW Mill Equipment Co., Inc., ArmorHog is focused on providing top quality, extreme duty replacement parts and service for all brands and models of industrial grinders.

CW Mill has been manufacturing, selling and servicing grinding machinery more than four decades. CW Mill offers ArmorHog grinder screens, tips, belts and many other parts for your rigid hammer style tub or horizontal grinder, and other hammermill applications.

ArmorHog screens are designed with attention to detail, engineered with experience, and constructed of the longest life materials. The screens are manufactured by skilled craftsmen and processed by one of CW’s computerized precision cutting machines and formed with digital and laser guidance. Your screens are always inspected for quality before shipping from our factory.

ArmorHog is your best choice for grinder tips, bits, strikers and replacement hammer heads. ArmorHog uses the best possible parent metal in all of its forgings and utilizes its own unique blend of carbide called NitroGrit, which is a proprietary blend of carbide found to best suit grinding applications.

If you have been thinking about converting your diesel powered tub or horizontal grinder to electric power, call CW Mill. If you have access to sufficient electric power, you can save money by eliminating high diesel fuel costs, and have reduced maintenance. Visit

Log Chipper

CEM produces a line of heavy duty gravity and horizontally fed log chippers varying in size from 96 in. (2.4 m) to 140 in. (3.5 m) diameter discs. They are normally provided with 8 to 18 knives, each able to produce a daily capacity of 2000-9,000 GMT of conventional wood chips or 1000-5,000 GMT of microchips. Some customers have reported producing almost 12,000 short green tons of conventional pine wood chips in just 24 hours.

CEM’s equipment is typically included in new log lines and chipping systems provided by proven systems suppliers such as Price-LogPro and Raumaster Oy. CEM also provides new machines directly to owner/operators as well-designed upgrades of existing equipment, which often require little infrastructure modification except for replacement of the chipper in order to realize a 10-30% increase in system performance.

While stationary facilities tend to cost more than portable ones, they typically also provide much longer production lives, higher uptimes and higher operating efficiencies, and more consistent and reliable control of product flow and wood chip quality for significantly lower capitalized and operating costs for the facility. Visit


West Salem Machinery (WSM) super shredders are massive machines for the largest capacity requirements. The super shredder delivers high tip speed for small, consistent fiber sizing, increased screen area for more throughput, with flexible and interchangeable tooling for easy maintenance. Mill duty construction delivers continuous production for premium quality feedstock.

Dry Milling—WSM’s 4400 hammermills get the job done. These high speed, high volume hammermills operate at a high tip speed for high capacity milling to a small particle size. Features include a large diameter hammer circle and throat widths from 20 to 60 in. These rugged mills have extended sizing screens to maximize production. Heavy duty fabricated steel housing and easy glide access doors make for superior strength and wear life.

Fuel Processing—WSM offers a complete line of horizontal and vertical feed hogs and grinders for high volume processing of bark and wood waste for use as fuel, mulch and other value-added fiber products. With rotors up to 60 in. diameter and powered from 50-1500 HP, WSM hogs deliver high capacity and long-term durability.

Screening—WSM offers a full line of screening and cleaning equipment to integrate with your fuel processing system, delivering high production and low operating costs while producing premium quality finished product. Visit

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