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February 2015

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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German Firm Offers Pellets Silo

Allgemeine Silotec produces the Volumax pellets silo, featuring a pneumatic discharge system and a flat bottom silo bag. The Volumax pellets silo offers a volume usage of 86%.

Other features include:

—Innovative extraction system, which can be adapted to every pneumatic discharge system.

—No need to open the silo for maintenance and revision.

—All components are accessible from the outside.

—No air extraction during loading needed because of breathable fabric, therefore no CO concentration inside silo.

Allgemeine Silotec, located near Stutgart, Germany, has produced silos for pellets, agriculture farming and industry for four decades. All of its silos are fabricated with a high-tech fabric, which has been tried and tested for decades. Visit

Valmet Installs Bio Pilot Plant

Valmet has installed BioTrac, a new bio pilot plant in its research and development center in Sundsvall, Sweden. BioTrac is a hydrolysis system, which is used for process optimization and testing of raw materials based on biomass.

BioTrac is flexible enough to include different raw materials and process alternatives and can be adapted to several downstream process steps. Hydrolysis is often the first step in a biorefinery. Further refining of the biomass can, for example, be production of bioethanol, bio based chemicals and biomaterial like bio based plastics.

 Hydrolysis is a chemical process that, under elevated temperature and pressure, makes cellulose and hemicellulose available to be split into different sugars and lignin in subsequent processes. The lignin is obtained as a solid residue. Both sugars and lignin can then be further refined.

Peterson Offers Largest Grinder

The new Peterson 6700D is Peterson’s largest horizontal grinder, and is designed for operations that need the most durable, highest output machine. Powered by a 1125 HP Tier II, Caterpillar C32 engine (or an optional Tier IVi Caterpillar C32 engine), the 6700D is designed for the toughest jobs. With a feed opening of 66 x 50 in., the 6700D can process large stumps that used to be reserved for tub grinders. The grinder is particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired.

With the R+ package, the 6700D can be configured as a mid-speed grinder to handle heavily contaminated piles, or a high speed grinder for typical land clearing operations. Peterson’s three-stage grinding process with an up-turning rotor and large grate area enables the 6700D to produce materials to exact specifications. Quick-change multiple grate system makes it easy to customize grate configurations to produce a variety of finished materials. Grates are removed through an enlarged access door on the side wall of the 6700D.

The 6700D features Peterson’s Adaptive Control System, which controls all components of the feed system to optimize output. This system monitors the grinding load and varies the speed of the feed system to keep the engine working at the top of its power curve. It automatically accelerates the feed system when the engine load is light, slows when the load is high, and reverses if the engine speed drops. It monitors the engine temperature and varies the cooling fan speed to minimize power usage and reduce fuel consumption.

A latching Impact Release System minimizes damage from contaminants in the feed material. The anvil and first grate open on a severe impact, allowing the contaminant to be ejected, and then re-latch to permit continuous grinding. Visit

Bandit Provides Mulching Attachment

Bandit’s new skid-steer mulching attachment Model 60FM features a 60 in. mulcher head powered by a single 110 cc hydraulic motor. It is a compact and capable attachment that turns any skid-steer loader into a Bandit forestry mulcher capable of dealing with brush and small trees.

The Model 60FM quickly attaches by using a quick attach plate to the front of any skid-steer loader in just a few quick steps. And because it operates straight from the skid-steer’s hydraulic systems, the Model 60FM requires very little maintenance to keep it in top form.

The Model 60FM features 36 teeth arranged in a spiral pattern along the full length of the mulcher head. Each 1 5/8 in.-wide tooth creates a more aggressive mulching action, limiting the size of the bite. Visit

Valmet To Supply Fortum Power Plant

Valmet will supply a flue-gas cleaning and condensation plant to Fortum’s combined heat and power plant in Joensuu, Finland. The new flue gas scrubber will increase the plant’s energy efficiency and district heating production capacity and decrease the power plant’s emissions.

The plant will be ready for use in the fall of 2015, in time for the start of a new heating season. The value of the order is around EUR 8 million.

Hungarian Plant Opts For Metso Technology

Hamburger Hungaria Power Ltd, a subsidiary of European containerboard manufacturer Prinzhorn Group, has ordered automation technology from Metso for its new power plant in Dunaujvaros, Hungary.

Hamburger Hungaria is investing EUR 150 million in a new cogeneration power plant adjacent Prinz­horn Group’s Hamburger Hungaria Paper Mill. The plant will run on solid fuels, such as residual waste from paper production as well as biomass and coal. It will generate both heat and electricity, ensuring the mill’s energy self-sufficiency and recovering waste paper that has been deposited in landfills. The power plant will have a fuel capacity of 172 MW, a thermal capacity of 158 MW and an electricity capacity of 42 MW once in operation in the second half of 2015.

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