Wood Bioenergy

They say that the middle of an economic downturn is no time to sit idly by, or else when the rebound happens you’ll be a step behind those who weren’t sitting idly by but rather were regrouping, repositioning, perhaps even rebuilding.

Our magazine publishing business is no different. We’ve been feeling the pain like everybody else. As a result, we’ve taken a hard look at where we are, and in particular we’ve been searching for an opportunity during this moment of adversity.

We think we’ve found it: Wood Bioenergy.

Certainly you’ve been reading in all of our magazines in recent months about the exciting developments in the wood bioenergy field. Attracting enormous sums of capital, the wood-based energy industry is developing rapidly. Scores of new plants have been announced, some have already started up, despite a weak economy. Consider that new wood bioenergy plants in the U.S. South alone could require as much as 30 million tons of wood fiber by 2015.

This space is an appropriate place to announce that Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc., publishers of Timber Processing, Southern Lumberman, Timber Harvesting, Southern Loggin’ Times and Panel World magazines, is starting up a new magazine entitled Wood Bioenergy. Wood Bioenergy magazine will focus on the three main segments of the wood-based energy industry: fuel pellets, power generation and cellulosic ethanol, while following closely the raw materials procurement strategies and processing technologies (in the woods and at the plant) for each.

Given our existing five magazines that cover various aspects of the forest products industry, we view Wood Bioenergy as a natural extension that will benefit from more than 100 years of combined experience on our editorial staff.

This “new” industry poses many challenges and opportunities, and so does the creation of a new magazine. Be on the lookout for the first issue of Wood Bioenergy early this summer. —The Editors


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