TP Chippers Enters U.S. Market

Established in 1980, Linddana, parent company of North American newcomer TP Chippers, was the first company in the world to launch a mobile, battery chipper into production in 2019 and has become the industry leader with its dedicated focus ever since.

The TP model 175 ZE (6 in. plus capacity) is an electronic chipper in demand by municipalities, rental companies and contractors looking for a green profile with low maintenance. Parallel to this, there has been additional demand for TP to offer a larger ZE chipper for these same markets. Therefore, TP expanded its ZE line to encompass the next size in their existing line-up, the TP 215 ZE (8 in. plus capacity).

Both the TP 175 and 215 ZE are modular and offered in a trailer or track version, stand on or remote controlled, the same as the popular 59 HP diesel version. The TP 215 and larger TP 280 (11 in. plus capacity) are available with an in-feed turntable that greatly increases worker safety.

In the U.S. market, TP has partnered with ForeSteel to offer a chip and log multi-wagon to work in tandem with their track chippers to allow contractors to “Take It To The Tree With TP”, saving significant time and labor. Matthew Neal, managing partner, Equip-Partner NA, TP’s dedicated distributor in the U.S. market notes, “We’ve cracked the nut on how to be more efficient for most any crew to completely minimize haul outs of both brush and logs by using both our compact equipment brands together in tandem as a cost-effective solution in a time when big equipment investment is through the roof.”

TP’s complete lineup of gas, diesel and lithium-ion chippers with capacities of 6 in. through 15 in., all come standard with three-year warranty.

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