Sugimat To Supply Biomass Steam Boiler For Olive Extractor

Olive marc extractor company Casa Alta–Sociedade Transformadora De Bagaços, LDA, has selected Sugimat for a new biomass-powered steam boiler and hot gas generator furnace for its productive process. Both machines will be fed with olive cake, a biomass product of the plant itself.

Sugimat To Supply Biomass Steam Boiler For Olive Extractor

The biomass steam boiler will be used in the olive marc oil extraction process. It has a guaranteed availability of more than 8,000 h/year and will be specially designed to combust olive cake. This highly complex fuel requires a water-tube boiler design. Despite the technical difficulties in combustion, olive cake has a high calorific value and quality compared to other biomass fuels.

Sugimat will also provide the combustion system by means of a step grate, whose reliability and durability for this fuel. The hot gas generation chamber will also be fed with olive cake. These gases will be used in the dehydration of the alperujo coming from the oil mills. The gas generator will use the same model of reciprocating grate to also guarantee the availability of 8,000 h/year.

The process of decarbonization of the olive marc extractors is already an undeniable reality. Extractors using natural gas (methane) as a form of thermal energy will have to adapt. In Portugal, the olive marc extractors operate with oliva cake, but in Spain there is still a very important part of the olive marc extractors that operate with natural gas. Thanks to this type of equipment, olive marc extractors are getting closer and closer to carbon neutrality and those that operate with natural gas will no longer depend on price volatility, subject to the current or future geopolitical situation.

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