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February 2016

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Gasification Plant Bound For Lebanon

PHG Energy is designing and building a new gasification plant at the city of Lebanon, Tenn. waste water treatment facility. Tens of thousands of tons of sewer sludge, used tires and industrial wood waste will be processed each year, producing electricity to help power the treatment plant and diverting those materials from area landfills.

The installation will mark the 14th commercial downdraft gasification unit for PHG Energy, and will include utilization of the world’s largest downdraft gasification unit with a full capacity throughput of 64 tons per day.

Gasification is a clean thermo-chemical process that breaks down biomass-based material in a high-heat and low-oxygen environment. There is no incineration or burning involved in the process. The only residue after production of synthetic fuel gas is a carbon biochar that has multiple agricultural, industrial and direct fuel uses. The syngas is used to power an Organic Rankine Cycle generator that will provide for the gasification operation’s internal needs, and deliver up to 200 kw directly to the operation of the waste plant.

Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) awarded the project funding of $250,000 through the Clean Tennessee Energy Grant program, and facilitated a subsidy of 70% of the $3.5 million financing’s interest cost through the Federal Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds program.

TerraSource Global Counts On Burlage

TerraSource Global, a provider of material handling and size reduction solutions, has appointed Jason Burlage as president, succeeding Mark Kohler, who announced his retirement earlier this year. Burlage joined TerraSource Global in 2014 as vice president of Service and Strategy, after 14 years within the portfolio of Hillenbrand Inc., TerraSource Global’s parent company.

“TerraSource Global was built from a heritage of quality, collaboration and trust created by three industry leaders,” Burlage comments. “We’re expanding on that heritage today, ensuring that customers benefit from the full breadth of our expertise, crossing a wide range of industries, applications and geographies. Whatever the material handling or size reduction challenge, we are ready to help our customers develop, deploy and maintain the ideal solution.”

TerraSource Global comprises Gundlach Crushers, Jeffrey Rader and Pennsylvania Crusher to deliver a full range of solutions covering every stage of the customer lifecycle, from application design to equipment build and installation to ongoing field service and quality OEM parts.

In 2015, the company enhanced sales and service processes across its global footprint, and is working to stay ahead of customers’ evolving needs in existing and key emerging markets. The company has expanded resources in Asia and Russia. The expansion includes the opening of new manufacturing and procurement facilities in Wuxi, China and a warehouse and field service hub in Russia, complementing facilities in the U.S., Canada, India, and Sweden, and independent sales agents in more than 30 countries on six continents.

Rotochopper Offers Chipper Knife Package

Rotochopper and Key Knife announce the launch of the Key Knife chipper knife package, which allows horizontal grinder owners to chip and grind with a single machine.

The chipper knife package is a bolt-in option that works with the standard patented replaceable mount rotor for the Rotochopper B-66 and B-66 E. This chipper knife system makes it simple to diversify into chipping applications without a complex conversion kit or a second machine.

“Unlike other grinder to chipper conversion packages, the Rotochopper Key Knife system is simple, reliable and adds more flexibility to our B66,” says Steve Marks of Marks Lumber in Clancy, Mont. “Because this system is simple, there are fewer problems the operator has to deal with when downtime occurs. Also, with this system we can add more value-added products to our line of products made with our B66. Simply said, as with other Rotochopper equipment, there is great value in the Rotochoppper Key Knife package.”

To switch from grinding to chipping, the operator does not need to swap the whole rotor drum or assemble a complex overlay onto the grinding rotor—the operator simply swaps the grinder tooth mounts with chipper knife mounts. A single operator can switch from grinder teeth to chipper knives quickly and easily: No rod pullers or other specialized tools required (just a torque wrench). No need to swap rotors, re-align sheaves, or re-tension drive belts. Just two bolts per knife mount and two bolts per knife clamp.

This system utilizes patented Key Knife technology to minimize knife replacement costs. Key Knife chipping inserts are indexable (reversible). By simply loosening the knife clamp bolts, the operator can flip the knife to utilize a second chipping edge. A Key Knife insert uses significantly less steel than a traditional chipper knife, making handling and replacement easier. The chipper blade on each mount is much narrower than traditional chipper knifes, helping to minimize the maintenance costs that can result from rocks, metal and other contaminants. Visit

CTW Equipment Teams With Bandit

Bandit Industries has added CTW Equipment Co. to its network of whole tree chipper dealers. CTW, based in Williamston, NC, will offer customers Bandit’s complete lineup of whole tree chippers in addition to service from factory trained technicians and Bandit-approved replacement parts.

CTW is owned by Wayne Cale and Ben Twiddy, two well known veterans of the logging industry in North Carolina.

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