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December 2014

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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Skövde Municipality Turning To Biomass

Valmet will supply a biomass based power plant to Skövde Värmeverk AB in Skövde, Sweden. The plant will produce district heat to the local district heat network and electricity to the national grid. It is scheduled to start up in late 2016. The value of the order is about EUR 30 million.

The boiler will be fueled with wood chips and bark. With the investment, Skövde Värmeverk will be able to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used, and meet the increasing demand of district heating in its operating area.

Carl-Johan Andersson, Managing Director, Skövde Värmeverk, comments, “This is the largest environmental investment that the municipality of Skövde has ever made.”

Valmet’s delivery from fuel reception to stack will include a bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boiler plant including a biomass-fired HYBEX boiler, a flue gas condensing scrubber, a combustion air moisturizing tower, CO2 and NH3 scrubbers, condensate treatment, electrification, instrumentation and automation. Excluded are the turbine, generator and civil works.

The boiler will have a thermal capacity of 38 MW.

Skövde Värmeverk is a limited liability company owned by Skövde municipality and was established in 2003. The company’s task is to produce environmentally friendly electricity and district heating in Skövde municipality.

Russia Event Includes Bioenergy Day

ExpoDrev Russia was held September 9-12 at the Siberia International Exhibition Business Centre in Krasnojarsk, Russia, co-organized by OOO Deutsche Messe RUS, a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe (Hannover, Germany) together with the Krasnoyarsk Fair. The event has established itself as an important trade show in the region for the forestry, wood processing and woodworking industries.

Around 4,000 attended.

One of the popular events was the Bioenergy Day, which took the form of a conference and included an interesting talk by Dr. Ute Seeling, Director of the German Forestry Council (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forst e.V.), on current trends in Germany and Austria.

Conference participants concurred that it is necessary to create an integrated platform that will combine efforts of federal and regional authorities, non-governmental organizations, and business community for implementation of biotechnology. For this purpose an online meeting system will be launched in the nearest time to help specialists from Russia and abroad discuss pressing issues and share experience with colleagues in real-time mode.

Komptech Enhances MultiStar Screening

Komptech’s Multistar L3 is the latest improvement to its line of Multistar star screens, based on Komptech’s “coarse before fine screening” concept. Along with top throughput, this also has a major influence on screening quality. The screen decks with their rubber stars and the patented Cleanstar cleaning system give the L3 an excellent output quality.

All machine components are electrically driven. The power can come from the grid for the lowest cost, or from the on-board generator.

Higher flexibility, simpler maintenance, more toughness, intuitive operation, and new design are the major features of the new L3. It has the same coarse and fine screen deck dimensions as its predecessor, and delivers exactly the same throughput. But there is a key difference—the new cartridge design of the screen decks means they can be removed and switched in a very short time. This simple removal makes maintenance, conversion and particle size changes easier, and represents a major increase in the machine’s flexibility, especially in terms of grain size. Visit

Arlington Enters Biomass Market

Arlington Plastics Machinery, a seller of plastic processing equipment, is branching out to sell the Crushmaster line of equipment for size reduction and processing of biomass.

Crushmaster features a German engineered line of granulators, shredders and briquetting presses designed for biomass. “There are quite a few similarities between the equipment for plastics and equipment for biomass,” says Arlington Vice President Alan Clarke. “Shredders and granulators are something we sell every day to plastics companies, and now we’re going to take our equipment knowledge and expand to a new customer base.” Visit

Lundberg Promotes Geoenergy ESP, RTO

Lundberg has the exclusive ownership rights to the Geoenergy E-Tube wet electrostatic precipitator and the GeoTherm/Geocat family of regenerative oxidizer emission control technologies.

Since 1984 more than 150 Geoenergy E-Tube wet ESPs, treating more than 10,000,000 cfm of waste gases, have been successfully applied. These installations have included all common forms of wood dryers including gas/steam/wood heated veneer dryers, rotary drum dryers and flash tube dryers.

The E-Tube wet ESP design exploits the intense electric field of the disk-in-tube configuration to yield the best particulate removal performance possible.

Lundberg’s GeoTherm and GeoCat regenerative oxidizers have also received wide acceptance. Since 1995, more than 65 of these units have been installed, treating more than 7,000,000 cfm of VOC-contaminated emissions.

Both of these regenerative oxidizer products have consistently achieved more than 98% VOC destruction and, at times, have been tested at greater than 99% efficiency. At several GeoCat installations the catalytic operation allows the oxidizer to run with virtually zero auxiliary fuel.

Recently, Lundberg updated the GeoTherm and GeoCat designs. The new GeoTherm II and Geocat II products offer the same excellent VOC destruction efficiency and low energy consumption as the original design with substantially reduced cost.

Both wet ESP and regenerative oxidizer products are supported by Lundberg’s experience staff of engineering and field service professionals. This support team will tackle any project ranging from simple equipment-only supply to the most complex turnkey installation project either domestic or international. After a project is started up, operating customers can continue to rely on Lundberg’s field service staff. Visit

Terex Hosts NA Dealer Event

Terex Environmental Equipment, Farwell, Mich., hosted a Dealer Training Event and Conference during September for its North American dealers. The theme of the event was “Get Your Hands Dirty” and the first day was spent on site.

The full range of nine arborist chippers was demonstrated, including the new TAC 720 with gasoline engine. In addition, the TSL 220 with forestry mulch attachment and the TSL 210 were shown. Terex launched its new stump grinder line as well.

The second day was spent at the Dealer Conference where Martin Dummigan, Business Line Director, shared the Terex Environmental Equipment business results and strategy. Information was also shared from the TEE engineering, technical and customer support and marketing teams.

Firefly AB Sets Temp Standards

Firefly AB reports it is the first company in the world that is FM approved for spark detectors detecting hot particles down to ≥250°C (≥482 °F) and for spark detectors detecting down to ≥400°C (752 °F).

Firefly has had several other third party approvals but this is the first time the detection temperature has been approved. Visit

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