TP&EE In Portland

Primary Production Is The Theme


Organizers of the Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE) have announced that exhibitor space is sold out for the event to be held October 15-17 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Ore.

The event caters to sawmills, veneer and plywood mills, engineered wood products operations and wood energy systems, with emphasis on primary production machinery, technologies and supplies. Timber Processing, Panel World and Wood Bioenergy magazines serve as media hosts for the event, which is produced by Hatton-Brown Expositions LLC, an affiliate of Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc.

This is the second TP&EE. The first one in 2012, held at the same Hall D venue at the Portland Expo Center, attracted 2,000 participants, including representatives from 115 wood products producing companies and 200 specific mill operation sites from 30 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces, as well as several overseas countries.

Exhibitors have purchased 47,000 square feet, an increase of several thousand feet over the sold out 2012 event because the show organizers were able to find a new corridor of exhibitor space adjacent the main floor. Many companies expanded their booth space over the 2012 event.

Show Director Rich Donnell says that cogeneration and wood energy is a significant part of the event. “Everyone knows that cogeneration has long been a technology built into traditional wood products operations,” he says. “It will be a major part of the discussion during this event in the form of drying technologies and of course with regard to the processing and handling of byproducts such as sawdust, planer shavings and chips.”

 He also notes that many of the wood products operations personnel in attendance will represent companies that have implemented biomass power systems.

As in 2012, the 2014 expo will include a workshop segment. The Lumber Manufacturing Workshop will be held Thursday, October 16, and the Veneer & Plywood Manufacturing and Engineered Lumber Workshop will be held the first day of the expo, Wednesday, October 15.

Workshop registration includes access to both workshops, admission for three days to the expo floor, and a “beer and brat” ticket for $75.

Those wishing to simply walk the expo floor can register for free before the event, or pay $15 to also receive a “beer and brat” ticket.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm in 2012 because the event was new and the economy was beginning to show some life,” comments Donnell, who is also the editor-in-chief of the host magazines for Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc. “Now we’re into some real project activity as the markets have improved. Nobody wants to get left behind.”

The event will again feature a Beer Garden, which is sponsored by Brunette Machinery, Murray Latta Progressive Machine, Comact, Nelson Bros. Engineering and JoeScan.