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April 2012

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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Company Brings Versatile Experience

For more than 40 years, Mid-South Engineering Company (MSECO) has been helping industrial sectors with consulting and design engineering. The company reports it has executed more than 3,300 projects for more than 1,300 clients in 42 U.S. states and 19 countries. The jobs range from small tasks to complete facilities, including 60+ greenfield plants.

MSECO has partnered with companies to help with feasibility studies or raw material sourcing to provide the kind of due diligence that can determine if a project is viable; has assisted customers who need help with any of the many areas that make up the small or large components of an operation; has developed and proven new products that are now being marketed by the owner; has worked closely with machinery manufacturers to provide the infrastructure of foundations, power, controls and steel.

The company is known for dealing with agricultural materials, especially every form of wood from trees to dust, and has partnered with clients in making pellets, briquettes, bio-crude, torrefied wood, and engineered wood products..

Mark Culpepper, P.E. serves as vice president – Group Manager. Phone 501-321-2276; visit

Air Emissions Firm Wins WESP Order

TurboSonic Technologies has received a $2.7 million order for the turnkey supply of a SonicKleen wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) to control particulate emissions from a wood pellet production plant under construction in the U.S. Project completion is scheduled for the 2012 calendar year.

The SonicKleen WESP controls fine particulate, condensable particulate matter and acid mist emissions from industrial processes and power generation.

Horizontal Grinder Has 1050 Horsepower

The 5700C with Caterpillar C27 engine making 1050 HP is Peterson’s latest generation of high production grinders. At 78,000 lbs. the 5700C is designed for operations that require frequent moves between jobs without a special permit. With a feed opening of 60 x 40 in. combined with Peterson’s high lift feed roll, the 5700C can readily reduce a wide range of material including stumps. Visit

Firm Assists Wood Pellet Plants

Evergreen Engineering, Inc. is a full-service consulting engineering company, with all engineering disciplines, serving the wood products industry since 1985. Evergreen offers full technical support through construction, startup and commissioning.

Evergreen supplies complete design for pellet plants; from wood yards and raw material infeed systems to screening, reducing, drying, conveying, pelletizing, and packaging. Its designs include heat energy and environmental systems. Phone 541-484-4771; visit

Chipping/Grinding Firm Has Experience

Since 1957, Morbark has developed a reputation for designing and producing durable, high performance wood reduction machinery reflecting customer input and innovative problem solving features. With a world-class manufacturing facility of more than a million square feet and nearly 500 employees, Morbark has continually grown by meeting the needs of its customers.

The product line includes hand fed chippers to self-feeding whole tree chippers, tub and horizontal grinders, debarkers, sawmill equipment, and application specific attachments to get the job done.

The Morbark 40/36, is a popular biomass chipper because of its ability to move from job to job without the need for expensive permits. Visit

Gasification System Assists Producers

Pellet manufacturers can decrease their environmental footprint and significantly reduce fuel costs thanks to new industrial-grade downdraft gasification technology, according to PHG Energy.

PHG Energy provides equipment and technology that converts recycled waste material or renewable biomass to an economical substitute for natural gas or other fossil fuels. The fuel created by PHG’s gasification process and proprietary equipment can be used to power thermal oxidizers, boilers, kilns or CHP equipment.

The company’s robust gasifier system has been vetted through more than 40,000 combined hours of commercial production. PHG’s process delivers clean-burning producer gas without an ignition or burning stage, allowing users, like pellet makers, to lower their greenhouse gas emissions while significantly reducing their energy costs.

“For the pelletizing industry, we can easily fuel their thermal needs in lieu of natural gas, fuel oil or propane,” says Rob Cox, national sales manager of PHG Energy. Visit

Company Integrates Codes Into Promos

Bandit Industries is literally letting actions speak louder than words by incorporating QR codes into its printed product literature and advertisements. This new interactive experience allows potential customers to see Bandit equipment in action by scanning the QR code with a smart phone or similar electronic device.

The information contained within the code is then displayed on the device used for the scan. Scanning QR codes on Bandit print advertisements or product brochures will load a video of that particular machine, effectively bringing the equipment to life from a two-dimensional page.

Bandit has been slowly integrating QR codes into advertisements for the past few months. The company also began utilizing QR codes to accompany owner testimonials in its recent customer magazine to deliver an even greater account of Bandit equipment working in the field.

In the coming months, Bandit Industries plans to incorporate QR codes in each of the company’s model line brochures, including hand-fed and whole tree chippers, forestry mowers and horizontal wood waste grinders.

Packaging Technologies

Premier Tech Chronos offers complete packaging solutions, from the bulk product to the wrapped pallet, for many wood products such as wood pellets, wood shavings, wood flour, sawdust, wood fiber, wood chips, mulch, bark, etc. There are two different types of bagging: compression bagging and loose fill bagging.

Compression bagging (also known as baling) is used to package compressible bulk materials such as wood shavings into bales for horse and pet bedding. A wide range of bale sizes (1 to 6 ft3) is available with Premier Tech’s VP-400 Series Four-Station Baler. The VP-400, a semi- or fully automatic system designed to handle ready-made plastic or paper bags, produces regular square bales. Another solution is available for producing pet-size, rectangular-shaped bales from wicketted polyethylene bags: Premier Tech’s HVS-80 Series Baler. The latest baling technology developed by Premier Tech is the HVS-400 Series Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Baler. It generates significant savings in packaging materials (due to the use of heat-sealable polyethylene flat film instead of pre-made bags) while producing no plastic waste.

As for loose fill bagging, it is used to package free-flowing products (powders, granules or flakes) into bags for pellet heating or landscaping. The best equipment is Premier Tech’s FFS Series Form-Fill-Seal Bagger. It is a fully automatic system which makes its own bags from rolls of pre-printed, center-folded polyethylene film (U film). It is intended to package a wide range of loose fill materials (wood pellets, wood chips, mulch, bark, etc.) in bags ranging from 4.5 to 100 quarts (5 to 110 liters). It is a proven and fast technology providing constant production rates of up to 35 bags per minute. A weighing or volumetric feeding system can be integrated upstream, while conveying and palletizing equipment may be integrated downstream.

To automate a production line, automatic palletizing and load securing systems are available. Premier Tech has three different palletizing systems: the AR Series robotic palletizing cell, the AP Series high level palletizer and the AC Series compact palletizer. To complete the packaging line, Premier Tech offers three different load securing systems: the LW Series Stretch Wrapper, the LH Series Stretch Hooder and a turntable stretch wrapper. For more information about Premier Tech Chronos’ packaging solutions, visit or call 418-868-8324.

This material was submitted by Premier Tech Chronos as part of its exhibitor sponsorship package for the Bioenergy Fuels & Products Conference & Expo.

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