Pellet Production On Upswing In Europe

Bioenergy Europe announced the publication of the fifth chapter of its Statistical Report 2020 focusing on pellets and highlighting the key contribution of wood pellets to the EU sustainable recovery, and to the 2050 carbon neutrality target.

In 2019, the EU28 produced nearly 18 million tonnes of pellets (corresponding to about 7.6 Mtoe), showing a growth of 5% in 2019 compared to that of 2018. Overall, the Statistical Report On Pellets sets out a number of essential recommendations for policy makers moving forward. A stable policy framework is essential for giving a sufficiently long-term perspective to companies to further invest in pellet production and use, helping further climate change mitigation efforts. Allowing citizens to switch from fossil fuel appliances to modern and efficient pellet solutions is key. Lastly, tailored measures to support the upscaling of bioenergy solutions in medium scale markets such as schools, hospitals and residential buildings should be carefully designed and implemented.

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