MDI View-Link Remote Interface

Technological advancements in today’s mills are causing increasing environmental interference due to electrical noise such as radios, CBs, VFDs, and EMFs; which is why MDI continuously strives to develop metal detector systems that can operate at maximum sensitivity in even the harshest of environments. 

MDI’s newest innovation is the View-Link Remote Diagnostic Module—a network interface that provides “live” real-time information from your MDI metal detector directly to the MDI facility in Eugene, Ore. This enables MDI technicians to monitor the metal detector and its environment to make custom adjustments and tweaks to the system’s software remotely. Combined with the significant advancements MDI has made to its premier TWA-2000-HD metal detector search coil (its most advanced metal detector search coil to date), the MDI View-Link will further slash downtime and increase profitability.

The following are a few examples of problems that MDI View-Link has been able to solve for customers:

 —Unknown false tripping caused by a broken weld in a nearby catwalk

—Detecting and then ignoring minerals and saps found in specific wood species

—Monitoring during weather extremes in order to find a nearby motor that, as the weather becomes hotter, will creep into the same frequency as the metal detector causing false tripping

—Adjusting the systems programming to ignore various nuisance targets that do not pose a threat to the customer’s processing equipment and machinery

The View-Link will give MDI the ability to make on demand software upgrades, customizing the system’s programming to the specific needs of your application, in order to more fully optimize the performance and capability of your metal detector system. It’s like having an MDI service technician right there in your mill.  


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