Malwa Impresses Graanul Invest

Valga Puu, a forestry company of Graanul Invest, has acquired two Malwa harvesters that will enable better maneuvering in forest thinnings and prevent ground damage. The lightweight, nimble harvesters can move extremely small diameter forest material.

The harvesters are equipped with 700 mm tires, which significantly improve the distribution of weight and improve traction. The weight of Malwa’s machine starts from 5,400 kg (11,900 lbs.) and its length is 5–7 meters.

“Valga Puu continues to test the new machines to figure out the limits of their capabilities and the best relation between the management and profitability of the forests,” according to Graanul Invest. “Even the very first tests have clearly shown that the efficient new harvesters help to take modern forest stewardship to a new level.”

Graanul Invest, headquartered in Estonia, is Europe’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets.

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