Huber Acquires Consulting Firm

Huber Resources Corp. (“HRC”) has announced the acquisition of certain assets of Sewall Forestry & Natural Resource Consulting LLC (“SFNR”), which will grow and expand its capabilities globally in key service areas including timberland appraisals, forest inventory management and forest modeling.

J.M. Huber Corp., parent company of HRC, has a long history of timberland management dating back to the 1940s. Today, HRC continues JMHC’s legacy of forestry management through the stewardship of more than 800,000 acres of land for clients throughout the U.S. HRC’s full suite of forestry services include forest management plans, sustainable harvest modeling, road building and maintenance, full service administrative and accounting services and timber harvesting and marketing.

The SFNR business was formerly owned by James W. Sewall Co. (“Sewall”), a 140-year-old Maine-based consulting firm providing renewable energy site design, environmental permitting, transportation engineering, geospatial data analysis, and natural resource economic analysis across industry sectors which include clean energy, utility and property development clients.

SFNR utilizes in-house Biometricians to provide forest growth and harvest modeling services to aid clients with critical business decisions for current or future operations, land purchase due diligence and inventory analysis. Additionally, the company provides a variety of consulting services to its forestry clients including litigation support and marketing pricing and cost analysis.

The combined power of HRC and SFNR cements Huber’s competitive position in forestry management worldwide offering high-powered competencies to global private, public and institutional clients.

“This expansion of our timberland management services reflects Huber’s commitment to investing in initiatives that further health, safety and environmental stewardship, which are core values of our organization,” says Brian Carlson, president of Huber Resources Corp. “We are pleased to welcome the Sewall Forestry & Natural Resource Consulting team to Huber and look forward to leveraging the combined expertise of our professionals to serve clients worldwide.”

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