Endowment Launches TimberHauling.com

U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities in May announced the official launch of TimberHauling.com, a national buyers’ group that provides savings on products and services to nearly 10,000 independent small trucking and hauling businesses.

The TimberHauling.com platform will help the sector move together as a unified market rather than thousands of independent producers. The timber harvest and hauling sector of the forestry industry is the strained link in the U.S.‑based forest products value chain. This sector is continually dealing with a range of challenges, including inclement weather, mill quotas, labor shortages, high fuel and insurance costs, and high equipment costs—both upfront and ongoing.

For a modest annual membership fee, members enjoy discounts and savings on parts and services. TimberHauling.com gives loggers national buying power and strength they have never had to shore up and further unify the sector.

“The Endowment focuses on opportunities when others can’t or won’t,” according to Ewell Smith, Executive Director of the Carolina Loggers Assn. (CLA). “Developing a national platform that will save money for independent loggers and haulers will make them more cost-competitive and efficient.”

This group also strengthens the capacity of state and regional associations to deliver services. The program is being piloted first in partnership with state logging associations in North Carolina (CLA), South Carolina (South Carolina Timber Producers Assn.), and Virginia (Virginia Loggers Assn.).

“The Endowment is using our sector-wide vision, risk capital, and bridge-building competencies to build an ‘Amazon-like’ model to drive savings to individual timber hauling firms,” says Pete Madden, President & CEO of the Endowment. “TimberHauling.com is part of our Initiative 2020 Vision that mandates strategic and targeted investments to support the development of traditional forest products markets to retain and grow existing forest-based economies.”

A variety of companies have already joined the platform: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; MHC Kenworth; Setliff Law P.C.; Schwab Brothers Hydraulics; TCS Fuel Cards; North American Supply; and Cadence Petroleum Group. More companies and services are expected to be added as TimberHauling.com grows.

Currently, TimberHauling.com is offering a free six-month “test drive” membership that can offer cost savings on hoses, tires, equipment, legal expenses, oil and fuel.

Visit timberhauling.com and click on the pricing tab to learn more.

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