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The current issue of Wood Bioenergy is brought to you in part by the following companies. This listing is a free service for advertisers and readers. The publisher assumes no liability for errors or omissions.

Air Burners Tel: 772.220.7303

Baker Rullman Manufacturing Tel: 920.261.8107

Bandit Industries Tel: 800.952.0178

Bio360 Tel: +33 0 3 84 86 89 30

Bliss Industries Tel: 580.765.7787

Bruks Klöckner GmbH Tel: +49 2661 28 192


CW Mill Equipment Tel: 800.743.3491

Europe Forestry Tel: +31 (0)529 46 12 66

ExpoBiomasa 2021 Tel: +34 975 10 20 20


Fagus GreCon Tel: 704.912.0000

Fiber Energy Tel: 205.969.7129

FMW North America Tel: 706.829.3337

Fulghum Industries Tel: 800.841.5980

Hallco Industries Tel: 800.542.5526

Metal Detectors Tel: 541.345.7454

Mid-South Engineering Tel: 501.321.2276

MoistTech Tel: 941.727.1800

Morbark Tel: 800.831.0042

Precision-Husky Tel: 205.640.5181

Process & Storage Solutions Tel: 866.354.7277


Rawlings Manufacturing Tel: 866.762.9327


Schaeffer Oil Tel: 800.325.9962

Stela Laxhuber GmbH Tel: +49 8724 899 0

U.S. Blades Tel: 800.862.4544


Vermeer Manufacturing Tel: 641.628.3141


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The VPC has two rotors with a combined 32 breaker arms to crush large wood parts quickly.


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