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August 2017

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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Biomass Has Big Role At Elmia Wood

The world’s largest forestry fair was bigger than ever this year both in terms of area and number of exhibitors. Many visitors were drawn to Elmia Wood June 7-10 to see new forestry products and services and to learn about new high-tech solutions and expertise in the forest south of Jönköping, Sweden. A total of 555 exhibitors from 28 countries were on the spot at Bratteborg to present new products during four intensive days to more than 41,000 visitors from six of the world’s continents. Many exhibitors participated in the fair’s new section, Load & Transport, with its theme of logistics and timber handling. Another visitor magnet was the fair’s new Drone Zone section, where conferences and live testing demonstrated the usability of drones in forestry applications. The biomass was flying as well from the likes of several chipper and grinder manufacturers such as Bruks, Peterson and Vermeer. (David Abbott photos)

Lindner Shredder Takes On Eucalyptus Bark

Udo Siebert, sales and service partner of Lindner Recyclingtech in Brazil, knows no better machine than Austria-based Lindner’s Urraco 75 to shred eucalyptus bark, which pulp and paper mills as well as wood panel producers in Brazil use to generate RDF (refuse-derived fuel) to supply their own energy.

They say that Curitiba is Brazil’s greenest city. As early as the 1970s the capital of Paraná state—situated on a plateau and with a population of approximately 1.8 million—invested in an ecological transport concept. Since then environmental and resource protection has been high on the agenda and that is why Lindner Recyclingtech decided that Curitiba was the perfect location for its business: Seven years ago the Siebert & Cia company became Lindner’s sales partner in Brazil.

When the Brazilian government banned the landfilling of eucalyptus bark, the demand for machines from the Urraco series rose. Two global leaders in pulp production and one renowned wood panel producer already use the tried-and-tested Lindner universal shredder in their plants: Eldorado Brasil in Tres Lagoas, Fibria in Aracruz and Fibraplac in Glorinha.

The landfilling ban imposed two years ago promotes investments in energy recovery from eucalyptus bark, which is a relatively new concept. Increasing numbers of Brazilian pulp and paper mills have their own waste-to-energy plants with production lines for RDF made of eucalyptus bark, which is a byproduct of pulp production. It is not economically feasible to compost it. The bark with low calorific value is shredded and then mixed with wood chips and other inert material, turning it into fuel with high calorific value that can then be used directly to generate energy in the producers’ plant kilns.

To shred the bark and produce RDF, Eldorado Brazil, Fibria and Fibraplac initially used other machines on the market; however, they proved prone to frequent faults, since the bark is put into the shredder with dirt and foreign objects (sand, stones, soil etc.) and not cleaned beforehand. That is done afterwards by other machines.

On the hunt for a shredder unaffected by foreign objects, all three companies selected the mobile shredder Urraco 75 by Lindner with a 350 PS-strong AdBlue SCR diesel engine complying with Latin America’s emission standards. Udo Siebert comments, “I don’t know any two-shaft shredder on the market that is even unaffected by big stones. Also, the hydraulic reversing features make damage to the Urraco impossible. The shredding shafts feed the material into the machine efficiently and evenly. The way the shredding shafts interact means that bridging can be avoided.”

The two-shaft shredder’s designinherent classic crushing process involving low shaft speeds minimizes dust formation at the same time. The intelligent system with two tilting hoppers which can be inclined by as much as 80 degrees promote an optimum supply of feed material to the shafts. Depending on the shaft employed, the Urraco powerfully shreds—without damaging the material— wood, biomass, root wood, paper rolls, domestic and commercial waste, mixed construction waste, concrete sleepers, bulky waste, electronic and lightweight scrap, aluminum profiles, car bodies, and much more.

The clients in Brazil who produce RDF from eucalyptus bark are pleased with the shredder’s low wear and tear and low fuel consumption of 0.8 to 0.9 liters of diesel per ton of bark. Up to 300 tons of bark are processed daily in the producers’ plants. The Urraco 75 operates on average six hours a day and shreds the material to a grain size of 120 mm. The hourly output is 30 tons.

The Siebert & Cia team provides maintenance and repair services locally. Usually the Urraco shafts are serviced every 1000 operating hours, depending on the material and the amount of dirt in the input material. Upon request, monthly checks of the employed machines can be provided to prevent downtime.

Lindner shredders made in Austria might not only be sold in Brazil, but also in other South America countries where the topic of RDF is becoming ever more important to kill two birds with one stone: waste and energy.

Article and photos provided by Lindner- Recyclingtech Gmbh; Visit;

Promill Enhances Presence In NA

Promill, a leading supplier of industrial drying, milling and pelletizing technology, is setting foot in North America, announcing its collaboration with VetterTec Inc.

VetterTec Inc. is a design and project execution office of VetterTec GmbH, Germany, and opened this year in Montreal, Québec.

Promill and VetterTec form the core of Moret Industries Group’s Drying and Pelletizing Div.

Based on the newly formed collaboration, VetterTec Inc. with its staff of highly experienced engineers can offer sales, engineering, project execution, service and after-sales service expertise in the fields of dewatering, drying, evaporation, milling and pelletizing systems to North American companies.VetterTec Inc. will also be in the position to support Promill customers in the North America market.

The success story has already started with an order for a DDGS rotary drying system for a 50 MMGY plant for a prominent Midwestern U.S. ethanol producer.

Though in the last 10 years Promill has achieved some references in the North American wood and sugar industries, its new office with dedicated, trained engineers in Canada and the U.S. will ensure Promill’s local presence for its North American customers.

Contact VetterTec Inc., 2073 Michelin, Laval, QC Canada H7L 5B7; e-mail:; 450-505-6111. Visit and

DONG Energy Orders Valmet Boiler Plant

Valmet will supply a biomass power plant to DONG Energy’s Asnaes Power Station located in Kalundborg, Denmark. By converting its electricity and heat production from coal to sustainable biomass at the Asnaes Power Station, DONG will take an important step in reducing its CO2 emissions.

The order is valued at EUR 80 million. The plant is scheduled to be in commercial operation in late 2019.

Valmet’s delivery consists of a 140 MW biomass-fired HYBEX power boiler plant featuring bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology. The parameters for the boiler are 50 kg/s, 100 bar and 540°C. Valmet DNA automation system covers the whole plant and includes information management and safety related systems.

The delivery also includes flue gas treatment consisting of a baghouse filter, combustion air humidification, flue gas condensing, condensate treatment and a stack. Additionally, Valmet will supply associated equipment, complete power plant buildings above the ground as well as complete electrification and instrumentation.

Exhibitors Booking Space At Mid-Atlantic

Exhibitors have begun selecting lot and booth locations for the fourth version of Mid-Atlantic Logging & Biomass Expo, according to Jack Swanner, manager of the biennial event, which runs September 15-16.

Swanner also announced the 2017 show will take place in a mature pine stand located adjacent to U.S. highway 74 some six miles northwest of Laurinburg, NC near the South Carolina line. Other nearby towns include Rockingham, Southern Pines and Lumberton.

“Live exhibitors will be pleased to know that this is a clear-cut site and their lots will be three to four times larger than they have been in our past expos,” Swanner reports. “We are indebted to Clay Creed with Shoeheel Land Management and to Boyd McLaurin with Canal Wood for their work in securing this premium site.”

For exhibit space and rate information, visit or contact Swanner at 828-421-8444.

Tigercat Offers New Mulching Equipment

Tigercat offers the 480B track mulcher and 4061 mulching head. The Tigercat 480B tackles the toughest terrain with ease and offers superior durability and high uptime for large-scale, time-sensitive rightof- way and site preparation projects.

With a power rating of 411 kW (550 HP) at 1,800 RPM, the Tigercat FPT C13 Tier 4f engine offers quick load response, low operating costs and high power density, combined with excellent fuel economy.

The new 4061 mulching head offers excellent durability and reliability in a package suited to the capabilities of the Tigercat 480 and M726 series mulchers.

The 4061 is manufactured for robustness and quality. The housing features reinforced side covers and abrasion resistant skis. The housing is optimized with debris door cylinders mounted internally for protection and contains position references to aid in ski alignment.

The Tigercat designed tooth and holder system uses a taper lock interface that requires no torque wrenches, greatly reducing changeover time. The teeth are extremely durable with carbide tips and carbide inserts for increased life.

Richardson Service Teams With Bandit

Bandit Industries has added Richardson Service 1991, Conway, SC, to its dealer network as part of an expansion effort in the Southern U.S.

Richardson Service 1991 serves most of South Carolina and gives Bandit’s customers there a local option for parts, service, rentals and sales for Bandit hand-fed wood chippers and stump grinders.

Richardson Service started out as a small local repair shop and has since grown to include a large rental fleet of construction, forestry and compact equipment. With the growth, it has improved all aspects of its repair facility. Visit

Minimax Enhances Detection System

The detection system of the Uni- Vario YMX5000 series from Minimax consists of a control unit with three connectors for remote sensor units. The electronics of the evaluation unit is self-monitoring, displays for example alarms or faults, and thus offers extra functional safety. The sensor units are connected to a control unit and allow dependable detection wherever there is an increased fire risk from sparks. The spark detection system is audited and approved by VdS.

Self-monitoring of optics has since become standard in flame detection. The UniVario YMX5000 system has succeeded for the first time in transferring this standard to spark detection. At cyclic intervals the optics are monitored with regard to contamination or damage—a functionality that again significantly increases the operation safety of the system in the sometimes harsh areas of deployment in a wood-processing plant.

The UniVario YMX5000 system is suitable for applications in extreme temperature ranges. The corresponding FUX sensor unit can even be used without fiber optic adapter at temperatures from -40°C to 105°C. The sensor units will be also available in an “Ex” version for use in explosion- hazard zones in Ex zones 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22. Visit

Kalmar Introduces ‘Essential’ Forklifts

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has launched the Kalmar Essential Range of forklifts. The Essential range comprises 12 models with capacities ranging from 10 to 18 tons that can be customized with a variety of power, mast, cabin and safety options.

TBased on Kalmar’s proven platform, Essential forklifts feature an easy-maintenance electrical system, common driver interface, high-quality components and a highly stable and durable chassis. The new Essential cabin improves driver comfort and safety with excellent all-round visibility, power steering and easy lift operation as well as non-slip stairs and handrails. Compatibility with Kalmar SmartFleet, a powerful equipment monitoring and optimization tool that makes it easy to analyze performance data, helps to further improve efficiency and productivity.

The new Kalmar Essential Range was introduced to the Americas market during the Kalmar dealer meeting for counterbalanced container handling equipment in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in early June. The new range was recently presented for the European market during the Kalmar Mobile Equipment Sales Conference in Lidhult, Sweden. Visit kalmarglobal. com.

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