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    Wood Bioenergy magazine began in 2009 as the only publication devoted exclusively to the new generation wood energy industry. Wood Bioenergy is known for its detailed, insightful articles on project and technology developments in the new generation wood energy industry, encompassing wood pellets, biomass power, biofuels, feedstock management and timber harvesting. The magazine is a natural addition to the family of wood products industry magazines published by Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc., and it continues to gain popularity.

    Wood Bioenergy magazine consistently provides key insights and industry news to biomass and sustainable energy producers and a productive marketing platform for industry suppliers. Wood Bioenergy editors are constantly in the field, visiting mill operations and interviewing production personnel. Wood Bioenergy serves as a media sponsor of the biennial Bioenergy Fuels & Products Conference & Expo held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The magazine’s editorial staff organizes the content and speakers for this popular event.

    Wood Bioenergy magazine is published and delivered six times per year to more than 14,900* subscribers worldwide. Readership includes corporate executives, mill ownership, mill management, logging contractors and equity venture interests. Wood Bioenergy is free to qualified readers in the U.S. and readers outside of the U.S. are asked to pay a small subscription fee.

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    *Verified Audit Circulation, November/December 2018


The wood energy industry continues to develop rapidly and attract enormous sums of capital. Scores of wood pellet plants, biomass power plants and biofuels facilities are either in operation, nearing startup or have been announced in North America and elsewhere. New ventures and projects continue to be revealed every day. And on the ground, wood biomass suppliers are adding equipment production capacity to meet the feedstock needs of these new facilities. As industrialized nations push alternative energy agendas, new technology and exciting possibilities are emerging.

Wood Bioenergy magazine addresses these and other issues as it monitors the groundbreaking impact of the wood energy sector. With this focus, the magazine creates the ideal environment for manufacturers and service providers seeking to tap into this promising market.

The Wood Bioenergy magazine readership is both loyal and select. Potential subscribers must qualify to receive our publication before they go on our mail list, which means that your ads will reach industry professionals and decision-makers. We make sure that your ads are seen by the people who matter.

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