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Debate Brews Over Maine Biomass Bailout

Maine taxpayers’ support of wood-to-energy facilities around the state has been called both a waste and a lifeline to rural forest economies. With one notable exception, there’s general agreement that Maine lawmakers’ latest support for biomass energy is a subsidy. A report in April panned that latest government support and past efforts for policymakers to […]

Arizona State Forestry Seeking Proposals For Wood-To-Energy Projects

Forests and woodlands across the state of Arizona are in need of market development opportunities to facilitate on-the-ground restoration activities. Arizona State Forestry and the USDA Forest Service are committed to advancing the installation of commercially viable wood energy systems in the public and private applications that use woody biomass generated from public lands and […]

Herty Announces Launch Of Consortium For Advanced Wood-To-Energy Solutions

The Georgia Southern University Herty Advanced Materials Development Center, Savannah, GA (Herty), U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment), and the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI (FPL) announced the launch of the Consortium for Advanced Wood-to-Energy Solutions (CAWES). The consortium’s goal is to spearhead development of commercially-viable, advanced wood-to-energy products that can […]

Burning Wood For Energy Ignites Debate Over Carbon Emissions In Missouri

On an average weekday, 16 tractor-trailers drive to MU’s combined heat and power plant and two or three to Columbia’s Municipal Power Plant, each delivering 25 tons of wood chips. To reduce reliance on coal, the MU Power Plant started burning wood chips in 2006, and the city followed suit in 2008, burning wood chips […]

Wood2Energy Database Provides Latest Information On Biomass Facilities

Just last year, archaeologists found evidence that pre-humans burned wood as long ago as two million years. Since prehistoric times, people have relied on wood for fuel. In recent years, there’s been growing interest in using woody biomass, a renewable energy source, as an alternative to fossil fuel. The Wood2Energy project grew from the need […]

U.S. Forest Service Seeks Applications For Wood To Energy Projects

As part of the national observance of Earth Day, the U.S. Forest Service today announced that it is seeking proposals that expand wood energy use and support responsible forest management. Also today, the Forest Service released a Wood Energy Financial App for use by community and business leaders seeking to replace fossil fuel with wood […]

Cleaner Than Coal? Wood Power Makes A Comeback

In the midst of black spruce and jack pine stands in northwestern Ontario’s Crown forests, a global trend has come home to roost. Atikokan Generating Station ceased burning coal last year to prepare for its new fuel: locally sourced wood pellets. Canada already sends wood pellets abroad for power generation, but it is now leveraging […]

Pellet Fuels Institute Announces Agreement With USDA, Industry Groups

The Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) on Wednesday joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and three additional biomass groups in signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signifying a commitment by the federal government and industry to jointly grow and promote the wood to energy sector. The Biomass Thermal Energy Council, the Biomass Power Association and […]

USDA Awards Funds To Promote Development Of Rural Wood-To-Energy Projects

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced a partnership agreement to expand wood energy use, which will help improve the safety and health of our nation’s forests. The new partnership includes USDA, the Alliance for Green Heat, the Biomass Power Association, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, and the Pellet Fuels Institute. He also announced more than […]

Biomass Power Association Is Planning First Ever National Bioenergy Day

As we all know, bioenergy – including power from wood and agricultural byproducts, thermal, pellets and the other groups that fall into this category – represents enormous potential in the United States, for jobs and rural economies, for U.S. manufacturing, for renewable energy, and for healthy forests. Despite these benefits, we face a public that […]


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