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Maine’s Northeast Pellets Suffers Catastrophic Fire

A fire at Northeast Pellets mill in Ashland destroyed all of the 500 tons of bulk pellets stored in two silos. The Fiddlehead Focus reported it was the second catastrophic fire suffered by the plant since it opened in 2006. Chief Don Bouley of the Ashland Fire Department told the paper the cause is under […]

Wood Pellets Help Northern Canada Break Its Diesel Habit

Louie Azzolini’s boots crunch over the snow as he trudges to a small shed beside the building where he works. Pulling open a door he reveals what looks like an ordinary heating system, but instead of oil or gas it is fueled by bullet-sized pellets of compressed sawdust. The sight has become increasingly common in […]

Tarm Biomass Project Becomes First Biomass Green Heat Registered Site

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) announced today that Tarm Biomass has become the first participant in the Biomass Green Heat Registered Site program. The BTEC program allows residential, business, and facility owners to proudly showcase their biomass thermal appliances to colleagues and neighbors with a professionally designed plaque and registration in an online catalogue. […]


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