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Biofuel From Forests Lightens Jetliner Carbon Footprint

Alaska Airlines made history recently, flying the first commercial flight using the world’s first renewable, alternative jet fuel made from the remains of logging and thinning in sustainably managed forests. Aviation biofuel is made from forest residuals, the limbs and branches that are left after the harvesting of managed forests. The renewable, clean jet fuel […]

Biofuels: From Wood To Wing?

The northwest United States has an abundance of forest residuals – underbrush and slash– left over from harvesting and forest restoration treatments, as well as mill and urban wood waste. All of these feedstocks are forms of woody biomass. This abundance of woody biomass creates considerable potential for wood-based bioenergy development in the region, particularly […]

Cross-Country Alaska Airlines Flight Powered By Logging Slash

A project to demonstrate that jets could someday be powered by logging leftovers from Northwest forests gets a culminating test Monday morning. A Boeing 737 is scheduled to take off with fuel tanks filled partly with a wood-based jet fuel. Alaska Airlines fueled a regularly scheduled cross-country flight from Seattle to Washington, DC with a […]

Bio-Based Jet Fuel: WSU Research Takes Off

Today’s synergy is tomorrow’s energy. That is one principle underlying Washington State University’s collaborative, multidisciplinary work in biofuels – work that could pave the way toward sustainable, biologically based jet fuel for the aerospace industry in the Evergreen State and around the world. WSU is forging a course to that future through its leadership of […]

Montana Tribes Part Of Renewable Energy Work

Leftover tree parts from logging operations usually end up as piles of useless ash, but academic researchers and tribal forestry officials hope that recent projects will result in less waste and a possible energy market for local forest products. Alaska Airlines hopes to fly a jet with biofuels produced by processing trees from the Flathead […]

Alaska Airlines Will Test Jet Fuel Made From Wood Waste

Alaska Airlines says it will fly a demonstration flight next year using 1,000 gallons of a biofuel made from wood waste in Northwest forests. The jet biofuel is being developed by the Washington State University-led Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance using tree branches left after timber harvests. The five-year project is being supported by the U.S. […]

Northwest Wood-To-Biofuel Conference To Be Held In Washington

The Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels + Co Products Conference intends to unite the emerging wood-to-biofuel industry in the Pacific Northwest. Set for April 28-30, 2014, at the Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue in Seattle, this conference comes two years after the USDA invested $80 million to facilitate the development of a sustainable wood to biofuels […]

USDA-Funded Biofuel Studies Hope To Glean Data, Analysis From Each Other

Two groups funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study turning forest waste into biofuels will cross paths this year, as one group winds down its analysis of western Montana and the other gears up to study the northern Rocky Mountain region. While the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance and the Bioenergy Alliance of the […]

Northwest Researchers Look To Turn Waste Wood Into Jet Fuel

A hotel ballroom full of engineers, chemists and economists hope they can cobble together a new industry for Montana’s remaining loggers. “There are a lot of biofuel companies involved in corn making ethanol,” said Michael Wolcott, a Washington State University engineering professor and member of the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance. “We want to transfer that […]

Biojet Project Takes Off In Missoula

Re-energize Montana’s wood products industry while “greening” America’s airline industry. Reduce dependence on foreign oil while improving the health of forests. On paper, the potential benefits of turning forest wood waste into jet fuel look almost too good to be true. But this isn’t just pie-in-the-sky science fiction. It could soon become pine-in-the-sky reality. “Can […]


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