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Interview: How The Wood Pellet Export Industry Will Impact North Carolina

Wood pellets. They’re a simple idea, but their potential implications are far more complicated and controversial. Member countries in the European Union are buying these small, compressed cylinders, which are made up of everything from sawdust to wood pulp, to use as a more planet-friendly fuel source than coal. Eventually, some say increasing restrictions on […]

Conservation Groups Want Hearing On North Carolina Pellet Facility Plan

Eight conservation groups are calling for a public hearing and further environmental review of a proposal by Enviva LP to build wood pellet storage and export facilities at the Port of Wilmington. Enviva plans to build two concrete storage domes, rail and truck unloading stations and a ship loader/dock-conveyer system on land leased from the […]

$25 Million Wood Pellet Export Facility Going Ahead In North Carolina

The Council of State signed off Tuesday on a deal approved last week to build a $25 million export facility at the Port of Morehead City. About 150 jobs would be created with the construction of the wood pellet export facility in Carteret County. Wood pellets are an increasingly popular source of renewable energy in […]

Plans For North Carolina Wood Pellet Export Facility Scaled Back

Plans were recently scaled back for a wood pellet export facility at a North Carolina state port due to a reassessment of market conditions. But the project is still on, with a status update to be aired during a public meeting this week. Meanwhile, State Ports Authority officials intent on expanding North Carolina’s forest products […]

Council Of State Approves Wood Pellet Facility At North Carolina Port

The North Carolina Council of State has approved a lease agreement to let a wood pellet maker build a facility at the State Port of Wilmington. The North Carolina State Ports Authority Board of Directors approved the deal with Enviva Holdings, LP last week. The state says the wood pellet export facility at the Port […]

Some In North Carolina Want More Study Of Wood Pellet Plans

Does North Carolina have an adequate supply of trees to feed the maws of European power plants? Does the state have policies and rules in place to ensure that its wood lands won’t be so cut up as to threaten water quality, wildlife and natural diversity? What about more trains through Morehead City? Those and […]


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