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UGA Study: U.S. Biomass Electricity Possible But Costly

If the U.S. wants to start using wood pellets to produce energy, either the government or power customers will have to pay an extra cost, a new University of Georgia study has found. Right now, “it’s just not economically feasible to use wood pellets in energy production,” said Bin Mei, associate professor of forest resource […]

Report: Is Woody Biomass A Carbon Neutral Energy Source?

With climate commitments looming, the European Union has mandated that 20 percent of its energy come from renewable sources by 2020. As such, many electricity producers are fueling their boilers with woody biomass, typically harvested from forests and non-forest sources like mill waste and construction debris, and then compressed into dense pellets for burning. It’s […]

Woody Biomass Fuels Sales For MDF Fiber Suppliers

Demand for woody biomass for energy production is on the rise in developed nations, as publicly regulated utilities around the world shift from fossil and nuclear power to greener fuels. Global industrial wood pellet demand is expected to more than double by 2020 to about 29 million metric tons from about 13 million tons in […]

Southern Wood Pellets Feed Europe’s Power Plants, Spark Environmental Debate

As the European Union works to reduce carbon emissions by moving from coal-fired power plants to renewable fuel sources, countries are increasingly looking to the United States’ southern forests for part of the answer. Wood pellet mills are sprouting up across the South, including one in Bastrop, turning trees into fuel that is then shipped […]

Florida Mill To Make Wood Pellets For European Power Plants

A catalyst zone created to lure industry and jobs to rural Suwannee County in return for state and county incentives has landed its second tenant with the announcement that a mill to make wood pellets for European and Asian power plants plans to open next to the new Klausner Lumber One mill. The Cornerstone Biomass […]

Georgia’s Dogwood Alliance Question Benefits Of Biomass

Georgia’s biomass industry is booming, resulting in the shipment of more than a million tons annually of wood pellets to Europe where they’re burned as a greener alternative to coal in power plants. But a nonprofit new to Savannah, the Dogwood Alliance, is raising concerns here that the practice isn’t so environmentally friendly. Utility companies […]

E-Pellets Group Acquires Georgia Mill For Wood Pellet Production

E-Pellets Group LLC bought the Louisiana Pacific OSB mill in Athens, Ga., for $13 million. Waycross, Ga.-based E-Pellets said it plans to convert the mill into a wood pellet production facility, producing about 450,000 metric tons annually. The wood pellets will be exported to the European Union to be used as an alternative to coal […]

Burning Wood Pellets Better For The Environment Than Typical Fossil Fuels

European power plants are generating less greenhouse gases through the burning of wood pellets, which were studied by researchers at the University of Georgia, instead of fossil fuels. Puneet Dwivedi, an assistant professor of sustainability at the UGA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources has done research on these wood pellets. Dwivedi said wood […]

Demand For Wood Pellets In Europe A Boon In Southeast U.S.

The Port of Wilmington may reap the benefits of environmental regulations in Europe that have spurred a huge increase in demand for forest byproducts from the southeastern United States. Wood pellets, often used in wood-burning stoves, are taking the place of coal in many European power plants with the aim of reducing their carbon footprint. […]

Some In North Carolina Want More Study Of Wood Pellet Plans

Does North Carolina have an adequate supply of trees to feed the maws of European power plants? Does the state have policies and rules in place to ensure that its wood lands won’t be so cut up as to threaten water quality, wildlife and natural diversity? What about more trains through Morehead City? Those and […]


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