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Georgia Wood Pellet Industry Commended In Air Quality Report

Georgia won praise last week in a report largely critical of an issue portrayed as lax enforcement of air quality regulations of the wood pellet industry. Criticism also was laid on the new federal policy that power plants fueled by biomass don’t create carbon pollution. “Georgia has definitely played a leadership role in this [wood […]

Senate Leans Toward Labeling Biomass Power Plants As Carbon Neutral

Pushback rises on burning wood fiber in electric generating plants, as scientists and environmentalists question whether it is, indeed, carbon neutral. A U.S. Senate committee is leaning toward labeling wood-fired power plants as carbon neutral. Panel manufacturers have complained in the past such actions would raise the cost of raw materials for wood products companies. […]

Oregon Senate Votes To Define Biomass As ‘Carbon-Neutral’

The Oregon State Senate has approved a bill to declare biomass “carbon neutral.” Senate Bill (SB) 752 was sponsored by Sen. Tim Knopp and Sen. Chris Edwards, who is also chair of the Senate Environment and National Resources Committee, and passed the Oregon Senate in a unanimous vote. SB 752 mirrors a rule previously enacted […]

EPA Begins To Address Biomass Emissions In Permits Following Court Decision

The Environmental Appeals Board partially remanded an air pollution permit for a waste-to-energy facility in Puerto Rico after it failed to account for greenhouse gas emissions from biomass. The Energy Answers Arecibo LLC permit is one of the first to address emissions from biomass in the wake of a 2013 federal appeals court decision vacating […]

Environmental Groups Seek End To EPA Biomass Exemption

Environmental groups in 23 states have asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to end its three-year exemption of biomass power plant greenhouse gas emissions from Clean Air Act permitting. The exemption also enables biomass plant builders and operators to avoid using the best pollution controls for the smokestack emissions that cause local air pollution […]

EPA Asked To Recognize Long-Term Benefits Of Biomass Energy

The 25x’25 Alliance has joined some 80 biomass, forestry, agriculture, conservation and bioenergy groups in a letter to EPA stating that any provisions associated with biomass the agency may develop as it completes its Tailoring Rule for biogenic carbon emissions must fully capture the long-term carbon benefits of biomass energy. “EPA regulations must insure that […]


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