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Pinnacle Renewable Energy To Feed Hungry Japanese Biomass Industry

A lot more wood is about to pass through Prince Rupert — as pellets. On Friday, the company that owns Westview pellet terminal, Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group, announced they have finalized a contract to sell 70,000 metric tons of wood pellets annually to a Japanese conglomerate, Ube Industries Ltd., by the end of 2019. “Japan […]

Coal No More: Pushing For Biomass Conversion In Canada

Transitioning away from coal. That was the main theme at Day One of this year’s WPAC conference in the nation’s capital. Executive director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) Gordon Murray said the industry received the confirmation it needed this morning regarding the government’s commitment to reducing GHG emissions and making bioenergy more […]

Canadian Wood Pellet Industry Lauded For Safety Improvements

A safety meeting that fit inside an office last year has now grown to the size of a convention center. In only a few years’ time, the British Columbia wood pellet manufacturing sector went from one of the worst corporate citizens to one of the best, for employee safety, and broke some molds along the […]

North American Wood Pellet Producers Eye Asia’s Energy Market

Asian countries are showing a strong interest in consuming more wood pellets in order to replace coal in their power grids and to shift away from nuclear power, according to an industry expert speaking at the Argus Biomass 2017 conference. Giving a presentation entitled ‘A statistical review of the consumption of biomass for heat and […]

North American Wood Pellet Exports Reached New Record High In 3Q/14

Pellet exports from North America rose in the 3Q/14 after a stable first half of the year that could be characterized as a temporary plateau. While pellet exports to Europe were up just marginally, the increase to Asia was more noticeable. Up until 2014, more than 95% of wood pellets leaving US and Canadian ports […]

Wood Pellets As Alternate Heat Source Saves Canadian Greenhouse Operation

When Bill and Terri Lynn Robbins received a three-month oil bill of about $13,500 during their first growing season after taking over their greenhouse operation in Deer Lake, they immediately thought they had made a career mistake. About two years later, and after investing in wood pellet furnaces as alternate heat sources, nothing could be […]

Cleaner Than Coal? Wood Power Makes A Comeback

In the midst of black spruce and jack pine stands in northwestern Ontario’s Crown forests, a global trend has come home to roost. Atikokan Generating Station ceased burning coal last year to prepare for its new fuel: locally sourced wood pellets. Canada already sends wood pellets abroad for power generation, but it is now leveraging […]

North American Wood Pellet Exports Reached New Record In First Month Of 2013

North American wood pellet exports reached a new record of over one million tons in first month of this year. There has been a steady growth in shipments from both the US and Canada the past few years, mainly as a result of the continued increase in demand for pellets in the United Kingdom. Pellet […]

Canadian Pellets Hold Certification Advantage

While the growing pellet industry in the U.S. south has some labor and logistical advantages, producers in Canada hold a significant edge in third-party certification. And according to RISI associate bioenergy economist Seth Walker, U.S. pellet exporters will have a hard time closing that gap any time soon. This was among the market forecasts delegates […]

Drax Confident Of Making Biomass Power Transition Objectives

British power generator, Drax Group, is confident that it will meet its objective of generating half of its power plant from biomass, despite new coal levies threatening short-term profits. The Yorkshire, England-based plant is on track to see half of its generating capacity coming from wood pellets, replacing its previous coal-based power. In April Drax […]


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