July 2015

Alberta Innovates Ready To Invest In Biomass Technologies

Alberta Innovates is on the hunt for companies looking to commercialize new bioindustrial products or technologies. The organization’s Bio Solutions funding program is offering grants to companies looking to take advantage of the province’s abundant, renewable biomass resource with new products or technologies. It is offering a minimum $250,000, and up to $1 million for […]

Interview: How The Wood Pellet Export Industry Will Impact North Carolina

Wood pellets. They’re a simple idea, but their potential implications are far more complicated and controversial. Member countries in the European Union are buying these small, compressed cylinders, which are made up of everything from sawdust to wood pulp, to use as a more planet-friendly fuel source than coal. Eventually, some say increasing restrictions on […]

Red Rock Biofuels, FedEx Reach Agreement On Biomass Jet Fuel

Red Rock Biofuels LLC, a pioneer in renewable biofuels, announced today that it will produce approximately three million gallons of low-carbon, renewable jet fuel per year for FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. The agreement runs through 2024, with first delivery expected in 2017. FedEx joins Southwest Airlines in purchasing Red Rock’s total available […]

58-Megawatt Biomass Power Plant Planned For Georgia

A power plant is being planned in the old Weyerhaeuser/Trus Joist wood facility off Hwy. 72 in Colbert. The business, which will be called the “GRP – Madison Renewable Energy Facility,” is expected to be operational in May 2017. Dennis Carroll, the owner’s consultant for Georgia Renewable Power, LLC (formerly Greenfuels), said that the company […]

UMass Engineers Collaborate In Important Woody Biomass Discovery

Faculty members and students from the UMass Amherst departments of chemical and mechanical and industrial engineering recently collaborated with University of Minnesota researchers to discover a new behavior of woody biomass that makes it levitate above heated surfaces in a way similar to what is called “the Leidenfrost effect” in liquids. Announced in Nature Scientific […]

Minnesota State University Class Studies Biomass Emissions

Bruce Jones and his Automotive Engineering Technology students at Minnesota State University are used to using sensitive equipment to measure the emissions from cars, lawnmowers, diesel trucks and any other kind of motorized device. This coming school year the professor, undergraduate and graduate students will be loading equipment on trailers and traveling to Cloquet, Albany […]

Unlocking Lignin For Sustainable Biofuel

Turning trees, grass, and other biomass into fuel for automobiles and airplanes is a costly and complex process. Biofuel researchers are working to change that, envisioning a future where cellulosic ethanol, an alcohol derived from plant sugars, is as common and affordable at the gas station as gasoline. The key to making this vision a […]

New Health And Safety Manager At ReEnergy

Recently, ReEnergy Holdings, one of the largest biomass power plant operators in the nation, announced the appointment of Mark Rising to Health and Safety Manager. In this role he will implement health and safety policies, procedures and training activities for employees and contractors. James White, COO of ReEnergy’s energy division says “Our greatest responsibility at […]

Southern Wood Pellets Feed Europe’s Power Plants, Spark Environmental Debate

As the European Union works to reduce carbon emissions by moving from coal-fired power plants to renewable fuel sources, countries are increasingly looking to the United States’ southern forests for part of the answer. Wood pellet mills are sprouting up across the South, including one in Bastrop, turning trees into fuel that is then shipped […]

White House Rejects Biomass As Carbon Neutral

In a lengthy policy statement rejecting House Republican efforts at dismantling carbon reform, the White House has categorically rejected biomass fuels as carbon neutral, saying the idea flies in the face of sound science. HR 2822 would label biomass as a renewable source, at least in part because forests are being replaced quickly. “The Administration […]


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