March 2015

Wood Pellet Operations Underway At Louisiana Port

For more than a year, many westbound drivers crossing the Mississippi River on the Interstate 10 bridge connecting Baton Rouge and Port Allen may have wondered why two giant, white domes were under construction on the west bank. Last month, large trucks began filling one of the domes with tons of wood pellets. Those two […]

Oregon Biofuels Project Adds New Partner

Red Rock Biofuels officials Monday announced a strategic partnership with Flagship Ventures they say “sets the stage” for constructing a $200 million refinery in Lakeview, the company’s first commercial-scale refinery. As part of the partnership, Flagship Ventures, a venture capital and creation firm that describes itself as “focused on innovations in healthcare and sustainability,” will […]

Ontario Investing In Wood Pellet Manufacturing Facilities

Ontario is investing in two projects to help Rentech Inc., a Northern Ontario fiber company, to convert two idle wood product mills into facilities that manufacture wood pellets, a sustainable energy source. The two facilities have created over 60 jobs in Northern Ontario. Through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), Ontario will invest $4 […]

Burning Wood For Electricity: New Demands, New Questions

You may have heard that natural gas has been replacing coal in many power plants, a shift that lowers carbon emissions from electricity generation. But there’s another form of energy that’s increasingly being used to replace coal: wood. Wood pellets are a renewable energy source and there are circumstances where wood energy can reduce net […]

UGA Scientists Engineer Faster-Growing Trees Ideal For Biofuel

Most genetic manipulation efforts have been trained on cash crops and flowers, but trees are big business too, and designing them to work better for what the market demands is important work. Scientists at the University of Georgia recently showed that the manipulation of a single gene in a hardwood tree species makes it grow […]

UW Madison Researchers Develop New Approach Combining Biomass, Solar Energy

In a study published March 9 in Nature Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison chemistry Professor Kyoung-Shin Choi presents a new approach to combine solar energy conversion and biomass conversion, two important research areas for renewable energy. For decades, scientists have been working to harness the energy from sunlight to drive chemical reactions to form fuels such […]

Vencor International Receives Order For Torrefied Pellets

From: Wood Bioenergy Staff Vencor International, Boulder, Colo., announced it has received a purchase order to produce 3,000 tons of bio-coal, a renewable energy product produced from timber waste using torrefaction. Vencor describes its torrefaction technology as a partial carbonization process at temperatures between 475-575°F (200-400°C) in a low oxygen environment. The physical and energetic […]

New England Wood Pellet Acquires Allegheny Pellet Corp.

From: Wood Bioenergy Staff New England Wood Pellet, LLC, a Rentech company, has acquired the assets of Allegheny Pellet Corp., a producer of wood pellets for the domestic heating market with a wood pellet plant in Youngsville, Pa. The acquisition expands New England Wood Pellet’s market position as the largest wood pellet manufacturer for the […]

Lignetics Merges With Bear Mountain Forest Products

From: Wood Bioenergy Staff Two long-established wood pellet manufacturing companies in the U.S. announced a merger that will create what they report is the the largest residential wood pellet fuel producer in the U.S. Ken Tucker, CEO of Lignetics, Inc., and Bob Sourek, CEO of Bear Mountain Forest Products, Inc., announced that the newly merged […]

Drax Publishes Biomass Supply Data To Address Sustainability Concerns

Energy giant Drax has sought to alleviate concerns about the environmental impact of its ambitious plans to shift from coal to biomass power, publishing comprehensive new sustainability data alongside its annual report last week. The company last week confirmed that pre-tax profits rose last year to £166m, as the company continued work on “Europe’s largest […]


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