November 2014

EPA Reconsidering Forest Biomass As An Energy Source

The Environmental Protection Agency signaled Wednesday that it may be more open to considering timber byproducts and other biomass as an energy source that fits within the Obama administration’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. In a memo to all of the agency’s regional air directors, Janet G. McCabe, acting assistant administrator for the Office of […]

Renewable Biofuel Crop Attractive To Washington Economy

Trees and technology are making the road to renewable resources more promising with each growing season. At the first poplar-for-bioenergy harvest recently in Stanwood, a harvester with a specialized header cut and chipped trees in a single pass. “It’s a much different cropping system for harvesting these trees than a timber harvest,” said Patricia Townsend, […]

New York Wood Pellet Plant Setting Production Records

The Curran Renewable Energy wood pellet plant is running at capacity and can’t keep up with demand in its sixth year of operation. Curran is producing about 27 percent more pellets this year than last, but the production facility began this season without any surplus inventory due to the long stretch of cold weather last […]

New Purdue University Process Efficiently Converts Biomass To Liquid Fuel

Purdue University researchers have demonstrated a new process to convert all biomass into liquid fuel, and the method could make possible mobile processing plants. The researchers at Purdue University filed a patent application on the concept in 2008 and have now demonstrated that it works in laboratory experiments, said Rakesh Agrawal, the Winthrop E. Stone […]

Southern Oregon University Considers Biomass Cogeneration Facility

Southern Oregon University is tossing around the idea of heating the campus by way of a biomass cogeneration facility to replace a pair of worn out, gas-fired boilers, but it wants community input before moving forward. A forum to discuss what options are on the table and whether SOU should wean itself off its dependency […]

California Utility District Seeks Developer To Test Viability Of Biomass Plant

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District is looking for a developer to test the economic viability of building a biomass gasification plant next to a food processing company. The utility is always seeking ways to expand its renewables portfolio, said Christopher Capra, spokesman with SMUD. This project falls into the research and development area, he said. […]

New Process Transforms Wood, Crop Waste Into Valuable Chemicals

Scientists today disclosed a new method to convert lignin, a biomass waste product, into simple chemicals. The innovation is an important step toward replacing petroleum-based fuels and chemicals with biorenewable materials, says Shannon Stahl, an expert in “green chemistry” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lignin is the substance that makes trees and cornstalks sturdy, and […]

Washington University, Chamber Of Commerce Look At Biomass Power

A proposal to heat and power Central Washington University with a biomass-burning, $37 million power plant shows promise, but only if the plan could jump several large hurdles. That’s according to school officials and work done on behalf of the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce by Beck Carlson Biomass Energy Consultants of Portland, through a […]

N.C. State University Breaks Down Cell Walls In Woody Biomass

According to Quanzi Li, the greatest barrier to producing biofuels is from stubborn plant cell walls that resist being broken down into biofuel ingredients. Li is the lead author of a paper published in Plant Biotechnology Journal about North Carolina State’s (NC State) Forest Biotechnology Group biofuel research progress. Cell walls contain desirable cellulose and […]


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