May 2014

Wood2Energy Database Provides Latest Information On Biomass Facilities

Just last year, archaeologists found evidence that pre-humans burned wood as long ago as two million years. Since prehistoric times, people have relied on wood for fuel. In recent years, there’s been growing interest in using woody biomass, a renewable energy source, as an alternative to fossil fuel. The Wood2Energy project grew from the need […]

Drax Group Plans Another Mississippi Pellet Plant

Permit and grant applications show that same British company that’s building a wood pellet mill in Gloster is planning one in Magnolia. Pike BioEnergy LLC shares directors and addresses with Amite BioEnergy LLC, which announced plans to build a 45-employee mill in Gloster in 2012. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality began seeking public comment […]

Biofuels For Road Transportation Will Reach Nearly $338 Billion By 2022

Over the next eight years, biofuels are expected to become an important part of the fuel mix for road transportation, accounting for 7.5 percent of liquid fuels consumed in the sector by 2022. Many governments, corporations, and individuals see biofuels as a promising solution to solving the energy security, environmental, and economic challenges associated with […]

Forest Products Laboratory To Play Key Role In Innovative Biomass Research

Humboldt State University (HSU), along with 15 regional partners including the Forest Products Laboratory, has received a $5.88 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to conduct innovative biomass research. The grant is part of the Biomass Research and Development Initiative, a collaborative effort between the Department of Energy and the Department of Agriculture […]

Conservation Groups Want Hearing On North Carolina Pellet Facility Plan

Eight conservation groups are calling for a public hearing and further environmental review of a proposal by Enviva LP to build wood pellet storage and export facilities at the Port of Wilmington. Enviva plans to build two concrete storage domes, rail and truck unloading stations and a ship loader/dock-conveyer system on land leased from the […]

Humboldt State University Receives $5.88 Million Biomass Research Grant

A group of researchers at Humboldt State University recently received a $5.88 million grant to research a better way to use a charcoal-like residue created when slash from timber harvesting is burned. The grant – the largest donation of its kind – is part of the Biomass Research and Development Initiative, which supports renewable energy […]

Progress In Turning Woody Debris From Northwest Forests Into Biofuels

In 2011, biofuels in the Northwest got a huge boost. The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded $80 million in grants to researchers at the University of Washington and Washington State University. It’s meant to help turn woody biomass into environmentally friendly fuels for cars and jets. Now they’re at about the halfway point in their […]

Australian Innovation Could Cut Biomass And Coal Emissions In Half

A new energy innovation developed by Australian scientists has the potential to slash the emissions levels of biomass- and coal-generated power by as much as 50 percent. The new technology, developed by the CSIRO, involves the conversion of coal or biomass into a water-based slurry called micronized refined carbon (MRC). The MRC is introduced directly […]

Rentech Acquires Largest Producer Of Wood Pellets For U.S. Heating Market

Rentech, Inc. announced that it has acquired New England Wood Pellet (NEWP), the largest producer of wood pellets for the U.S. heating market. NEWP, established in 1992, operates three wood pellet facilities with a combined annual production capacity of 240,000 tons. The facilities are strategically located in the U.S. Northeast, which is the largest domestic […]

In Michigan, Debate Over Burning Trees For Biomass Energy

As Michigan considers expanding its renewable energy standard, new research is raising questions about what types of biomass should be included. Michigan’s current renewable energy standard, written in 2008, defines biomass as a renewable energy source. But based on four relatively recent studies, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is urging the state to remove […]


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