July 2012

U.S. Forest Service Awards Nearly $4 Million For Renewable Wood Energy Projects

The U.S. Forest Service recently announced the award of nearly $4 million in grants for wood energy projects around the country to help expand regional economies and create new jobs. The grants, totaling $3.92 million, will be distributed to 20 small businesses, community groups and tribes to develop renewable energy projects that require engineering services. […]

Forest Products Lab To Open First-Of-Its-Kind Pilot Plant

The Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wis. this week opened a $1.7 million nanocellulose pilot plant that will help support the emerging market for wood-derived renewable materials. A grand-opening ceremony was held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the laboratory at 1 Gifford Pinchot Drive, with presentations by officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and […]

KiOR Granted Registration For Cellulosic Biofuel

Biofuels producer KiOR recently received Part 79 registration for its Renewable Gasoline Blendstock 5 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The registration, required by manufacturers of motor vehicle fuels by the EPA, must be completed prior to the sale of the product. According to KiOR President and CEO Fred Cannon, KiOR’s action represents the […]

Southern Company Brings Nation’s Largest Biomass Power Plant Online

Southern Company recently announced that the nation’s largest biomass plant is putting electricity on the grid in Texas. Southern Company President, Chairman and CEO Thomas A. Fanning joined state and local dignitaries at the company’s Nacogdoches Generating Facility to mark commercial operation for the 100-megawatt unit. Austin Energy is receiving energy from the plant through […]

Biomass Pellets Becoming A Hot Commodity In Europe

Chatham-based Canadian Biofuel is generating a lot of heat on the foreign market. The Ontario company has signed a five-year $36 million contract with Italy’s Green Dot Biomass Energy Company Inc. to export wood pellets. “Last year, Europe consumed 13 million tons of biomass pellets,” said Ian Moncrieff, president and CEO of Canadian Biofuel. “By […]

The $55 Million Question: Will PT Paper’s Cogeneration Plant Turn A Profit?

Paper bags, containerboard and pulp are a few products that come to mind when thinking about the Port Townsend Paper Corp. mill. What about electricity? Promoted as a “win-win” by PT Paper and its affiliates, the proposed cogeneration project is a $55 million investment into new technologies that can expand the mill’s current biomass burning […]

New Approach Promotes Pathways To Wood Biomass Sustainability

Producers of wood pellets in the United States will need to meet or exceed sustainability standards set by the European Union and individual European countries to protect the health of forests, while accessing expanding export markets, according to studies released today by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Pinchot Institute for Conservation (Pinchot Institute).  The […]

First Plant Making Diesel From Wood Opens

The first plant to convert solid biomass such as wood chips and straw directly into diesel fuel opened last week in Austria. Said to be the first of its kind in the world, the BioCRACK pilot plant at a petrochemical refinery in Schwechat extracts the diesel by heating the biomass with heavy oil to over […]

Idaho Biomass Power Plant Agrees To Pay Idaho Power $200,000

A biomass power project in Emmett that never developed has agreed to pay Idaho Power $200,000 for failing to get its project online by December 2011. Yellowstone Power, developed by Richard Vinson and some partners, was planning to co-locate the plant at the Emerald Forest Products timber mill on the site of the former Boise […]

Maine Company To Make Wood Pellet Boilers

Bethel-based Maine Energy Systems LLC has finalized an agreement with Austrian wood-pellet boiler manufacturer OkoFEN to manufacture wood-pellet boilers in Maine for the United States market. The deal is expected to move Maine Energy Systems beyond the early adopter phase and position it as the country’s largest manufacturer of wood-pellet boilers. The company says it […]


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