April 2012

Washington Environmental Groups Flip Flop On Biomass

The biomass industry continues to rise in Washington. Plants are being built or planned across the state, and just weeks ago the Legislature passed a bill that makes electricity produced from older biomass facilities eligible under Initiative 937, the state’s renewable energy mandate. Last month State Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark released a report […]

North Carolina Woody Biomass Project Moves Into Final Phase

A first-of-its-kind regional assessment for woody biomass in Southeastern North Carolina is moving into its third and final phase. Conducted in partnership with the Biofuels Center of North Carolina, the study has focused attention on promising woody biomass production sites in Robeson and Sampson counties. The recently completed second phase of the project considered biomass-specific […]

U.S. Teams With India On Massive New Biofuel Project

The U.S. has just launched a five-year, $125 million alternative energy research project with India, aimed partly at developing biofuels from non-food crops. The biofuel project, funded by the Department of Energy and led by the University of Florida, has the goal of managing climate change and reducing U.S. dependence on petroleum products, and that […]

Des Plaines Company Turns Wood Into Gas

That old cornstalk’s worth money. And so is that dead tree stump. Known as biomass, such plant materials can be converted into an alternative fuel source. And eventually that will mean savings for drivers at the pump. Des Plaines-based Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is starting production of biomass fuel at a Chicago plant as part […]

LanzaTech Set To Transform Range Fuels’ Assets

The technology to transform wood into ethanol on a large scale has yet to be developed. LanzaTech, the company that purchased Range Fuels’ assets in a foreclosure sale in January, may just be the first. As reported in Post-Mortem: Range Fuels Sputters to the Auction Block, the sale of Range Fuel’s assets was arranged after the Department […]

Waste Wood To Bio Fuel: CRIBE Steps Up With $6 Million In Dryden

The Center For Research and Innovation In The Bio-Economy (CRIBE) are providing up to $6 million in funding to leverage a total project value of up to $14 million for a partnership between Domtar and Battelle to develop a new approach to converting underutilized wood to fuel. Domtar, designer, manufacturer and distributor of a wide […]

New Arizona Biomass Energy Plant Helps Community Reduce Waste

Arizona will soon be able to check another renewable energy project off its list. This summer Pinal Power, a utility company in Scottsdale, will began the construction of a biomass plant that will generate electricity for 20,000 homes annually by 2014. This is according to Hal Mitchell, the C.E.O. of Arbutus Bio Energy, and the […]

Washington’s Forest Floors May Supply Biomass For Energy Needs

The Washington Department of Natural Resources is studying turning forest biomass, the brush that litters the forest floor, into energy. DNR along with the University of Washington recently completed a study finding that there’s enough biomass on the forest floor to turn into jet fuel and other types of energy. Every year in Washington, the timber […]

DOE To Fund $15 Million To Research Biomass-Based Fuel Supplements

As part of President Obama’s blueprint for an economy fueled by homegrown and alternative energy sources, the Energy Department announced last week up to $15 million available to demonstrate biomass-based oil supplements that can be blended with petroleum, helping the U.S. to reduce foreign oil use, diversify the nation’s energy portfolio, and create jobs for […]

Ironbridge Power Station Plans Switch To Wood Pellet Fuel

Ironbridge Power Station, which generates up to 1,000MW of electricity, is planning to convert to use wood pellets as its main fuel. E.On has applied for permission to build a football pitch sized store on site for the pellets, which would be sourced principally from North America. Due to be decommissioned in 2015, it currently […]


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