March 2010

We Energies Applies for Biomass Plant in Wisconsin

We Energies has applied to Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission to build a $255 million, 50-megawatt biomass power plant near Wausau. According to We Energies, this project could create up to 150 permanent jobs. Construction is projected to begin in 2011, creating about 400 temporary construction jobs.

More Longview Cogen Details

More details have emerged for the new Longview Fibre cogen plant planned for southwest Washington near Longview. The new plant is 65 MW, which will make it the largest in the Pacific Northwest, replacing the company’s existing 25 MW wood-fueled cogen plant. Feedstock for the facility includes wood waste from the company’s manufacture of kraft […]

EU Meeting Renewable Goals

Recent reports suggest the European Union will exceed its target of getting 20% of its energy from renewable sources in 2020. The latest national projections submitted by governments to the EU executive suggest the 27-nation bloc could reach an overall renewable share of 20.3% by the end of the decade. Spain and Germany are projecting […]

BRUKS Mobile Chippers Expand Into North America

BRUKS announces a successful introduction of a market development program of its Mobile Chippers for North America. Recently at the Oregon Logging Conference, BRUKS kicked off its effort with live demonstrations at the show. The Forwarder mounted 450 HP drum chipper was mounted on a Valmet 890.3 forwarder provided by Modern Machinery.  Modern Machinery is […]

Expert Advises Caution for Liquid Fuels Hopefuls

A recent news report in agricultural website Capital Press says that timber companies need to be cautious when considering getting into the biomass business, according to expert Gareth Mayhead, academic coordinator for forest products at University of California-Berkeley. According to Mayhead, gasification and other liquid fuels technologies are not yet proven and are currently unfeasible for use […]

ClearFuels Plans Biorefinery for Tennessee

ClearFuels Technology, based in Hawaii, has partnered with Hughes Hardwood to build a biorefinery in Collinwood, Tennessee, which will produce diesel, naphtha, and electricity using wood products.  The project is projected to break ground in 2011 and open in 2013 or 2014.  Once open, it is planned to employ 50 workers. ClearFuels has plans to […]

EPA Releasing E15 Decision Late Summer

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will decide by late summer whether to allow higher levels of ethanol to be blended into standard transportation gasoline, the head of the agency recently reported. The EPA is considering an industry request for a waiver from federal rules to allow gasoline to contain up to 15% ethanol. EPA administrator […]

EU Group Drops Biomass Rules

In a report published the end of February, the European Commission’s energy department has confirmed there will be no EU effort—yet—to develop regulations concerning standards for biomass origin and sustainability, though the issue of “sustainability criteria” would be reviewed in 2011. The issue was hotly debated last year during Commission meetings. The report stated that […]

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